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We should be proud of the Philippines for our country s very beautiful and pure. Virgin forests and majestic beaches, what more could you wish for? What about the underwater escapades and views that is renowned around the world, not only in Asia. Secondly, we should be proud and honor our late heroes who selflessly sacrificed their lives and souls for the land's democracy. And that my friend is a worthy reason why we must truly stand up and not degrade ourselves because we are Filipinos. And lastly, we should also be proud of ourselves. For us, Filipinos are kind-hearted, honest, hospitable and loving in our own nature.

That's all mabuhay ang mga Pilipino!

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Q: Why should Filipino be proud of the Philippines?
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Why should Filipinos be proud of the Philippines?

Filipinos should be proud of the Philippines because the Philippines is their country.

Why should you be proud of being a filipino?

There are a great number of reasons why you should be proud of being a Filipino. This characteristic makes you very special.

You are proud to be a filipino by Toribia Mano?

I Am Proud to be A Filipino Toribia A. Mano it shows the trajectory of our ancestors, the beautiful country rich in culture, our natural color and appearance, the tropical spices that can only be found here, our history, the love for each other, and we should be proud because we are Filipinos

Is Anna maria Perez de tagle filipino?

She is a pure Filipino. I saw her interview at a show here at Philippines and she said she is very proud to be a pure Filipino.

Are you proud of being Filipino?

YES. I am proud to be a Filipino.

What makes you a proud filipino young girls?

I often like to think of what the Philippines has to do with history and what an importance it is.

What should you be proud of as a Filipino?

There's a lot of things to be proud of as Filipino, one of my favorite is Filipino complexion, the color brown, it's so unique that foreigners want to have the same.

What ethnicity are you if you are Filipino?

If you are filipino you are Asian. Based on geographical location and some genetics the people of the Philippines are counted as Asian. Be proud if your filipino and if anyone says your not tell those idoits to search up the facts!

Is a filipino marriage recognized in the United States?

Yes a Filipino marriage is recognized in the US. I know this as an absolute fact as my brother married to a Filipino lady in the Philippines and they reside in the US. BTW, she is a naturalized citizen now and VERY proud of it.

The Filipino home?

The Filipino home is the Philippines.

What is a Filipino person?

A filipino is a citizen from the Philippines.

Are you proud being a filipino?

Absolutely am! :)

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