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I'm sure you are a bright and mature young girl of 14, but here's a thought .... Are you working? If so what do you make? (Ask yourself these questions.) Can you afford to finish off your education? Can you afford to pay your rent, electricity, heat, medical care and numerous other bills? If it's just about rules around the house then that house is your parents and we all had to abide by the law in our homes. When you get your own home you can do as you like. Asking a teenager to keep their room clean, take out the garbage, do their own laundry and ironing, and even helping with other chores around the house is not asking too much. Parents don't get you to do this to annoy you, but to prepare you for moving out on your own. If you are dating boys and your parents think you are too young, ask them if they will give you one chance to show how mature you are. If they give you a set time to be home (even if you think it's unfair) be home at that time! If your parents allow you to date then bring your date into the house to meet your parents. No big deal! If the guy was brought up properly he should know this is a sign of good manners and if he won't go into the house to meet your parents then what does he have to hide! You may think you know everything, but you haven't been out on the streets to see the garbage of humanity. There are con artists, sexual predators, date rape drugs, drugs, to name a few. Are you ready????????????????? If you feel you have a valid argument after what I have just said then please post and I will read what you have to say with an open mind.

2006-08-28 01:12:21
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