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Why should parents lie about the tooth fairy?


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well i think the tooth fairy is real.But if she/he is fake then they sould

tell ther kids that the tooth fairy is real.Becaus it will keep ther spirits up so they can be kid.


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Parents do not want to lie to their kids about things such as the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus but the reason why they opt to do the lying is because they want kids to have hope in things that other people might not have hope in.

It depends on the lie. Stuff like Santa, the Easter bunny, and the Tooth Fairy don't count. Some other things can be negotiable. I agree that not all parents DESERVE respect and honor just because they happened to procreate. I believe that parents need to earn their respect, it should not simply be mandatory because there are some truly awful people who call themselves parents out there.

The only good lie is the lie about the tooth fairy Santa Claus and the Easter bunny other than that they are all bad lies

The tooth fairy doesn't exist there is no reasonable scientific answer for this. The only reasonable answer is= that its a lie to make little children clean and take are of there teeth's. Money is placed by your guardians and carers.

Only if you want to. Think of it this way, you say you still believe, you keep getting money. If you say you don't then you get no money.

Why you should ALWAYS make your own coffee. What kind of gum to chew. Why you're never getting married. Why you should never work in retail. Why parents shouldn't lie to their kids about Santa, The Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, etc. Why sarcasm is an important part of every teenagers vocabulary Why orals should be banned at school Why teachers should have to wear a uniform and correct footwear like everyone else.

Well, if you are VERY SHORT and if you can fly and Peter Pan is your best friend, then you should know if you can lick your elbow, no lie

The reason parents lie is often to protect their children, or to protect themselves.

a tall tale is a lie a fairy tale is a children's story

Just and update: I forgot to mention that the lie was about telling their parents that they were sleeping at my house when they were really down the other end of the country.

I'm sorry to say that parents do lie to you. And no matter how much they say, "no I didn't lie", there lyingThat does not mean to not trust your parents because your parents are probaly only lying because your to young to know or because its something you won't understand.Parents don't want to lie but sometimes they have to for your own good...

13 years old unless you lie to create one

Mainly to protect you.

No you shouldn't it like lying. If your parents taught you right you wouldn't ask.

Most teens lie to their parents because they are afraid of them. Some parents go overboard when they hear their teen child did something bad. If parents would actually take the time to listen to the child and understand in their perspective maybe teens won't lie that much.

First, they'll find out. They always find out. Second, lying does not do you any good, now or later.

You shouldn't lie to parents, it's not something that should be recommended about. You should sit down with parents and talk about the pros with your parents, then set up some boundaries to please them, I'm sure something like that will work.

hello and our parents lie of santa claus

so the parents would not know what or how they did the thing that they really did.

you should lie down on the chair because if you lie down on the floor you can get dizzy

ok...what u need 2 do is make an account with a fake name, whenever u get on, delete the history when u r done, and never, i repeat NEVER, get on when ur parents r home!!!!hope i helped!!! :)LIE LIE LIE LIE LIE!!!!

Parents lie when they say "Santa is real"

You shouldn't lie to your parents. They put rules in place in order to protect you and because they love you. If you lie to them it will cause you to feel guilty and then to lie to them more to cover up your guilt. Return home at the time they stipulate or you could find yourself in serious rebellion. It is for your very own good that there is a time that you should return home. If you have already done it, confess it, apologise and focus on obeying your parents. It will make your life much easier in the years to come.

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