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Q: Why should pe not be optional?
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If you have minecraft PE do you need to buy minecraft windows 10?

It's optional

Should school PE be optional?

No! We're an obese nation, I think it's important to teach children about being physically active so that they can grow into healthy, active adults.

Should PE be included in your GPA?


Should PE be banned from school?


Should I do rugby for GCSE PE?


Should secondary schools be optional?

they should be mandatory!!!

Should students be not be required to take PE if they have active extracurricular activities?

they should not be required if their extraclicular activity is a sport. but besides that they should be made to do pe

Should vaccinations be required or optional for all people in the US?

Yes, it must be optional

Does the meaning of the word 'should' translate to 'must' or does it mean 'recommended but optional'?

recommended but optional

Should PE be conducted out of school hours?


Can you do PE on your period?

I don't think you should

What subjects should you take to become PE teacher?

PE, for a start. Should you go onto further education, study to become a teacher.

Why should you wear PE clothes during PE?

you should wear P.E. clothes because it may be more comfortable for you to stretch or excercise

Should potential energy be written as PE or pe or Pe?

เจœเฉ‡ P(E เจจเจนเฉ€เจ‚ )= 0.25 เจนเฉ‹เจตเฉ‡ เจคเจพเจ‚ P(E)=โ€ฆ .If P(not E)= 0.25 then P(E)=

You should not have pe uniorms?

you should so when you sweat it wont get on you uniform

How long after a fracture should you do PE?

about 1 month

Why should you use this website?

you don't have to its just optional . if you know an answer to a question asked answer it if you want (optional) if you've got a question put it on here for it to be answerd (optional

What clothes should I wear to PE Class?

If your school doesn't have a uniform for PE Class, you should wear sweat pants, T-shirt, and running shoes.

Should PE lessons be mandatory in public schools?

PE lessons should absolutely be mandatory in public schools. This is because it is a lesson useful in a kids life.

Should school uniform be optional?

Can someone tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why should schools not have pe?

there is actually no reason to not have PE but i guess you could get injured still you wouldn't actually fall if you do it properly

Should grade school be optional?

Do you think someone who skipped grade school could jump right into highschool? NO not at all. If grade school were optional then high school would have to be optional.. and of course college is already optional.

How should you pronounce Marsupials?

Mar- SOO - pe - uls

Should there be PE Sat's?

No because it cruel to disabled children

Why should kids not have pe everyday?

they should have other specials like art and music