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Because a child deserves to have parents that love him/her rather than sitting in foster care for the rest of their youth. 2 men or 2 women can take care of a child just as well as an opposite sex couple, and far better care of a child than the state ever will.

The children of gay parents thrive and turn out great.


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In the absence of a legitimate reason to forbid it, yes, they should be allowed to marry and adopt children.

Assuming you mean children, the answer is no. Only married couples (homosexuals are not allowed to marry) or singles can adopt children.

In Germany, gay couples are allowed to have registered partnerships. One of the benefits of these registered partnerships is that they are allowed to adopt their partner's biological children. However, as of 2014 they are not allowed to adopt children outside their partnership.

As of 2017, gay people can technically adopt in all 50 U.S. states, but they are still routinely denied in some states. Single people (gay or straight) are allowed to adopt in all states except Utah.

There are many countries in the world that American couples can adopt from. In a given calendar year, approximately 600 couples adopt from other nations.

I don't think you can. You either has to be single or married to adopt. Just living together is neither. if you are in a samesex relationship and has gone through partnership might be possible though.

Yes! Amish couples will adopt children.

1. Gay people consistently provide good homes for children 2. Children thrive in households lead by same-sex couples 3. Sexual orientation has no bearing on parenthood whatsoever.

Numbers aren't tracked for this statistic, but about 15% of gay couples adopt children.

There is no explicit prohibition against adoption by same-sex couples in Tennessee. Tennessee does not, however, recognize same-sex marriages. Single gay persons are allowed to adopt children in that state.

As of 2014, NO U.S. state explicitly forbids gay people from adopting; however, only 22 states allow joint adoptions for gay couples. In Utah, no single person is allowed to adopt.

Yes. Anyone who can provide a good home to a child should be allowed to adopt. Gay people and single people have proven to be exemplary parents.

Yes. Same-sex married couples may now adopt children in Utah, pursuant to a decision of the Utah State Supreme Court dated October 23, 2014.Yes. Sexual orientation does not prevent single-parent adoption in Utah, but cohabitation outside of a legal relationship is a bar to adoption. Following the legalization of same-sex marriage in Utah, same-sex married couples should legally be allowed to adopt children.

Although a single gay person is allowed to adopt a child, it is unclear whether a same-sex couple can legally adopt (either jointly or "second parent") a child in Wyoming.

As many men and women already understand, there are many different children who are not adopted each year. Around eighty thousand children are not adopted each year. More children would be adopted if homosexual men and women were allowed to adopt children. However, there are still men and women who do not believe that couples who enjoy the company of the same sex should be allowed to adopt a child. There is still hope for homosexual men and women who wish to adopt a child. There are many states that allow same sex couples to adopt a child. In addition, there are gray adoption areas in other states. States That Allow Gay Couples and Lesbian Couples to Adopt There are many states that allow lesbian couples and gay couples the chance to adopt. The following states offer homosexual men and women the chance to adopt children: Wisconsin Vermont Rhode Island Ohio New York New Mexico New Jersey Massachusetts The District of Columbia California Although Rhode Island offers gay couples and lesbian couples the chance to adopt a child, there is one catch. Men and women who are homosexual cannot adopt a child unless that couple is married. Although this is a bad catch, the state of Rhode Island does recognize gay marriage in a different state. States That Ban Gay Adoption Entirely Currently the only state in the United States of American that bans gay adoption entirely is the state of Florida. In 1977, a law was passed that stated all gay men and lesbian women are not allowed to adopt a child. Even if that man or woman is single, he or she cannot adopt a child if he or she is homosexual. However, gay men and lesbian women are allowed to become foster parents for a short time. New Hampshire had a similar law. However, in 1999, that law was repealed by the state legislature. Gay Adoption is allowed in Other States Although Florida does not allow same sex marriage, some states have gray areas. For example, there are states in the United States of American that allow single adults to adopt a child. This is regardless of his or her sexual orientation. Married couples can also adopt a child regardless of sexual orientation in other states. Some states still stop men and women from adopting if they are homosexual. For example, unmarried couples may not be allowed to adopt. That state may not recognize homosexual marriage.

Single people adopt more than gay couples, but only because there are many more single people in the world than there are gay couples.

Yes, both gay singles and couples can adopt.

It is unclear whether same-sex couples may legally adopt children in that state.

Gay people are allowed to adopt in every U.S. state except Utah. There is no longer a restriction on single gay people adoption. Furthermore, as of 2014, 25 states allow joint adoption by gay couples.

There is no explicit prohibition on such adoptions in West Virginia and it is unclear whether it would be allowed. Single gay persons can adopt children in West Virginia.

Yes. Starting in 2010, same-sex couples are able to jointly adopt children in Argentina.

Yes. Beginning in 2006, same-sex couples are able to jointly adopt children in Belgium.

Yes. Beginning in 2010, same-sex couples are able to jointly adopt children in Brazil.

Yes. Beginning in 2010, same-sex couples are free to jointly adopt children in Denmark.

Yes. Same-sex couples may jointly adopt children in Delaware. Also, a same-sex partner may adopt the other's child.

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