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Why should you ban plastic bags?

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They don't biodegrade very fast and they may end up in the ocean and trap a marine animal.

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Should there be a ban on plastic bags?


Why and why not should you ban plastic bags?


Should you ban use of plastic bags?

Absolutely Not.

What are the political implications of a ban on plastic bags in the UK?

The government should ban plastic bags because it is harmful for the environment. Eg. Because plastic bags are sometimes left on the ground they can get caught up in the ocean and kill fish and other...

Why do they want to ban plastic bags?

The bags don't decompose in the garbage.

Why we shouldn't ban plastic bags?

so that then we can recdycle it

What is slogan on ban of plastic bags?

Plastic is a foe and a friend.We should not remove plastic from the environment but we should try to use plastic in a limit because if no plastic is there then how are the small children going to play? with wood?

Can you tell some slogans on ban on plastic bags?

plastics plastics plastics ban plastics

What is the second solution proposed by the writer of the research essay to prevent plastic bags from getting into oceans?

Ban the use of plastic bags

Top 10 slogans on ban on plastic bags?

1.go green plastic is obscene

What is the first city in USto ban plastic bags?

San Fransisco

Why is it good to stop using plastic bags?

plastic bags are harmful for us . plastic bags should be banned . we donot

Are plastic bags are banned in Delhi?

the way plastic bags are so commonly used in every shops and grocery stories , it can be easily concluded that thereis no ban on plastics in delhi.

Minnesota ban plastic bags?

Minnesota recently enacted a law which takes effect on January 1, 2010 banning the use of plastic bags for yard trimmings. Compostable bags are permitted. This law does not affect other types of plastic bags, such as those used at grocery stores.

What arguments are used by environmentalists to support a ban on plastic shopping bags?

Plastic bags are made from oil, which is a non-renewable resourceMany plastic bags end up in the oceans, where they threaten the lives of marine animals. Turtles and fish swallow the floating bags, mistaking them for jellyfish.Plastic shopping bags are designed to be used once, and then discarded. This is unsustainable.

What should you use instead of plastic bags?

fabric bags

What should be use alternate to plastic bags?

paper bags

Ban plastic bags?

No affense but why n the world would you want to ban plastic bags.they help you with your groceries and other (very) imortant things.i dont know about you but i would go insane without my plastic

Should paper bags replace plastic bags world wide?

No. All bags should be banned. Only reusable bags should be used.

Why should you use paper bags instead of plastic bags?

You can recycle paper bags.

Will banning grocery bags save trees?

Yes, but if you ban the paper bags then only the plastic bags will be used and they will fill up the land fills. At least paper is biodegradable.

Why should you not manufacture plastic bags?

You should NOT manufacture plastic bags because when you make them you release toxic gases into the atmosphere! And if people buy you have to make more and more.Note: Use re-usable bags! Plastic bags are bad for the environment!

Why plastic bags should be banned?

plastic bags shouldnt be banned because paper bags are a waste of wood for more important things

Why should you recycle plastic bags?

We should recycle plastic bags because it will stop the animals dying and also save on crude oil.

Why ban plastics bags?

The government should ban plastic bags because it is harmful for the environment. Eg. Because plastic bags are sometimes left on the ground they can get caught up in the ocean and kill fish and other sea creatureshere r some reasons:Plastic bags are made from polythene, a plastic made from oil, so even just reducing plastic bags will decrease foreign oil dependency. China will save 37 million barrels of oil each year because of their ban of free plastic bags.If you remember to bring your green or calico bag, you can save a minimum of 7 bags a week. That's 24 bags a month. 288 bags a year. 22 176 bags in an average of your lifetime.If just 1 out of 5 people did this in our country, we would save about 1.5 billion bags over our lifetime.A big problem with plastic bags is that they aren't easily biodegradable. However, over a long period of time, the plastic does break down into smaller, more toxic particles, which eventually contaminates soils and waterways. And as a consequence, the particles can enter the food chain and kill up to 200 different species a year.

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