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You shouldn't. Cheating is wrong. Get out of the relationship or separate until he changes if you are married and want to give it a chance.

AnswerFor your own sense of mind. Just because your significant other doesn't have the morality to stay faithful, doesn't mean you should lower yourself to their level. And the way I see it, you'd only be hurting yourself more then you are already are. At least, if it ends, you can say that you never treated them like crap.
2011-09-13 16:18:40
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Why should a person remain faithful in a relationship?

If a person truly loves the one they are with and decides to have a relationship they should remain faithful and if one doesn't intend to do so then why bother with a relationship and find someone else who is willing to have a one night stand. It takes maturity; commitment; honesty and good communication skills to keep a good relationship going.

What does it mean to be faithful to a woman?

It means that you should not have sexual relations of any kind with anyone else other than your woman. In a faithful relationship, the man should make his woman feel as if she is the only one on his mind, and he should not even so much as let his eyes wonder.

What is the definition of a exclusive relationship?

An exclusive relationship is when both people in the relationship agree to be faithful and committed to each other and only to each other. There can be no relationships with another on the side, because this would be either an open relationship or cheating. So to be exclusive, both people need to understand that they are in a relationship with that one person only.

Can a narcissist ever be faithful to one person both the narcissist and the one he's in a relationship with are not married but he continues to try to develop other relationships can he change?

He probably can be physically faithfully but emotionally he is only faithful to one person- Himself. Walk away honey, you deserve better.

Are narcissists faithful in relationships?

No- a narcissist, by definition, is one who only thinks of him/herself. He will stay faithful in the relationship as long as he feels he is getting everything he wants. The second he feels unsatisfied, he will do what it takes to make himself happy, whether that be cheat, lie etc...

How do you be faithful to a husband or wife?

Well the only way to be faithful to one another is to remember Jesus' ten commandments, which one of them states that you shouldnt commit any form of adultery. This may be hard as you can fall in love with someone at the sametime as being in love with another but if you believe that the relationship between the two of you is strong enough to continue and you love them, then being faithful is all you will need.

How does a man keep faithful?

If you really love a woman, then you can be faithful with no problem. If you don't - there's only one way out - better for both.

What can you do if one of your girlfriends cheat you many times?

Get rid of her, if she can't be faithful she isn't ready for a relationship. find someone who wants to be with you.

Can a sociopath be faithful?

no Only to themselves and their ego-needs. They can "appear" to be faithful to you only if you continue to supply them with their narcissistic fix. And as long as there's no one else readily available to supply that fix.

What does it mean when a man says he wants everything but a relationship?

When a man says that, it usually means he wants the sex and convenience the woman provides, but he doesn't want to be in a committed, or one-on-one relationship, and he wants to be free to see other women. Men who say this tend to only use women, and are not the faithful type.

How many lovers did hera have?

Only one. As the goddess of marriage she was faithful to the cheater Zeus.

Can a relationship have only one participating entity?

yes. For example, only one person actually "participates" in the stalker/victim relationship.

How should you start a song about a girl you like?

write only stuff that relates to your relationship with her and make sure shes knows that shes the only one for you

Can a Jehovah witness date someone who is studying the faith?

Well, the faithful and discreet slave have told us through Jehovah that one should only date with a potential view of marriage. Now if you honestly feel like you should get married to this person, you should still wait until the both of you are baptized and are dedicated Jehovahs witnesses. If you have Jehovah in your relationship, it will be harder for Satan to ruin things.

Can you use the word monogamist in a sentence?

A monogamist stays married and faithful to one person only.

The difference between casual relationship and platonic love?

A platonic relationship means that they are faithful to one another, and they don't date or see anyone else other than their partner. A casual relationship means that one or both people are leaving the door open to meeting another potential partner.

What is a relationship when one organism lives with another and at least one benefits?

If only one organism benefits it is a parasitic relationship, but if both organisms in the relationship benefit, it is symbiosis.

What is the difference between commitments and a serious relationship?

When you are committed to one another and in a monogamous relationship (only dating one another) that tends to be a serious relationship.

How do you work on a relationship when you are to only one working?

Issues in a relationship can't be dealt with if only one person is attempting to address them. Your relationship has come to a crossroads, either you accept the current status quo or you leave.

Is rian dawson the only one from all time low that is in a relationship?

Yes, Alex stated in an interview in early July 2010 that Rian is the only UNavailable one aka he's the only one in a relationship.

What is one to one relationship?

A one-to-one relationship in a database implies that for one occurrence of a parent entity, there is one and only one child table entry. Note that the one-to-one relationship may be tagged as 0 or 1 occurrence on the child table meaning it is not mandatory to have the child entity, but if it does then there can only be one entry.

Should you keep hanging out with you ex individually when you are in a relationship?

No a person should not still be seeing their ex individually when they are in a relationship because that relationship is over and both exes should move on. If in doubt one should put themselves in the shoes of the person they are now having a relationship with.

How does one know that his partner is faithful?

It's called 'trust'. If you truly care for or love someone, you will trust them no matter what. Trust is mutual between two people - without it, there is no relationship. Communication is also key in any relationship.

What are the sympbiotic relationship?

Unlike a parasitic relationship where only the parasite benefits, a symbiotic relationship is one where both parties benefit.

Is a part time relationship all right?

No one should settle for a part time relationship!