Why should you conserve forest and wildlife?


Most people are too busy with their own little lives to realize what is going on in the environment and eco system and it's important we look up information on the Internet to be aware of what we should fight for as far as clean air and keeping our forests and animal life safe and healthy. Nature is a delicate balance and everything has a use to keep that balance.

Because of poor air quality in many cities in the world there are more cases of asthma, allergies and much worse diseases. If we don't keep enough trees our air will never be clean because trees filter out the pollutants in the air. They provide shade from the sun and food for animals. If we don't protect one specie of animals or mammals then the whole chain of events is unleashed. Trees help in maintaining the co2 level of atmosphere as they observe co2 and give out oxygen.

Wildlife is an important thing in this world. It helps in maintaining the ecoligical balance,economical value and aesthetic or recreational value.

Wild animals are dependent on forests as their home. In the 20th century the conservation of forest was realized by 2 developments. We need to conserve forest for protecting the animals too. We need to increase the area of forest, we need to stop cutting of trees. Establish a wide corridor in reserved forest and energy use.

Thus by conserving forests we can able to protect wild animals.