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Why should you turn off lights for earth hour?


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you should turn off lights for earth hour so you could "Save power, Save earth."

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You turn off your lights and any other non-essential appliances for one hour at Earth Hour.

You can if you want but you are not required to in order to participate in Earth Day. It is Earth Hour where you have to turn your lights off.

you should turn off lights when you do not use them.

The most important thing is lights. If you turn off your computer, television and anything else that uses electricity would be great!

We want to turn off our lights and computers and televisions. Plus anything else that uses electricity.

The one rule for Earth Hour is to turn all your nonessential lights off for one hour, 8:30 to 9:30 PM local time, during the designated day. In 2013 it was March 23. It was started in 2008.

I think you should. The reason why is that sometimes at night the pool lights should be on to symbolize that it is unnecessary to enter, and what if you walk around your pool and trip? My old swimming pool lights were on at least an hour everyday just in case you don't use the lights for a long time it can stop working. The downside to turning on pool lights is that it wastes electricity, but you don't have to put it on for exactly 1 hour, you can turn the lights on just for a few minutes, or how long you think.

You should turn off all lights that you are not using.

you click on the light and it should turn on

Well I think that earth hour benefits our planet because we usually turn on the lights when we don't need them and just leave them on or we just turn on the t.vfor a bit watch a show then just leave it on so overall you are just wasting energy each day but because of earth hour we are making a better place for our planet so earth hour is very important and it is basically a routine because we do it every year and we save so much light that we don't waste at all so that is basically thebenefit of earth hour.

You should turn the lights on, (should be a nob thing that you turn) just give it a pull and it should slide bank and your spots should be on. One more light pull the fog light will go on.

It's best not to turn on lights or anything that uses electricity other than flashlights. Flashlights are okay. Or if you don't want to, you could also use candles. If necesarily, have the lights on. Nobody is being forced to have lights off.

Go up to the switch and press the "A" button. That should turn on the lights.

This is because when you turn the key it starts lights, radio, engine, etc. After you turn the car off it still needs a few minutes to turn off as the battery isn't extremely fast. When you come back in a hour it most definitely should have turned off or your car has a problem or you forgot to put your light on automatic. EDIT: no the lights go off normally a couple seconds after i get out, lock the car, and shut the door. but when i come back after an hour or more, the interior lights do not come on until i unlock it, get it, and turn on the ignition

Unless you're on totally flat land, you turn your lights on BEFORE sunset ... about half an hour ... because even when the sun is still up it's getting dark and harder to see the other cars.

Some of the shoes you can turn the lights off and some you can't. Before you buy them, you should check.

go slower. leave your lights on. turn on your fog lights(if you have them) and do not turn on your bright lights!(in heavy fog) it will make it difficult to see for you and other drivers.

One hour before sunset is when it is required in Canada

You can turn off all the turn off all the lights and open the windows. That would help celebrate for earth day.

You should turn as much off as possible during earth hour and think about whether or not you need to have them turned on at other times too to save power and reduce pollution. You should not turn off some things like refrigerators. Also, if your clocks are going to have to be reset, it is a waste of time to turn them off too. Be reasonable.

turn off lights and leave on parking lights

are you sure it is the brake lights and not the tail lights. if it is the brake lights you most likely have a short some where. go to a auto eletrican It is the brake lights which turn on. Short in the switch or the wiring?

Earth day lasts 24 hours! During those 24 hours you are supposed to turn your lights off for 1 hour!

In the back should be tail lights which always come on when the headlights or parking lights are on, and stoplights which come on whenever the brakes are pressed. The stoplights should be brighter than the tail lights, but they should be separate.

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