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the end off the turn signal switch

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2008-12-12 22:51:51
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Q: How do the fog lights on a neon 2003 turn on?
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Why do your fog lights only come on with the remote starter and then shut off when you turn the key on?

well, depending on what type of car you have, you should be able to manually turn them on by going another notch up on the knob you turn to turn the lights on normal. if you own a VW passat like me, just pull the knob out and it will turn foglights on.

When driving in fog or snow you should?

use your fog lights for what they were intended for. To many drivers leave the fog lights on all the time blinding the on coming traffic.I want to add here that you drive with low beams and not high. I live in a fog area and every winter people have problems with fog because they drive with the high beams on. This just reflects back at the driver. Also always turn on your lights day or night and drive slower in fog. I have people speed by me at 75 miles per hour with 30 feet to see by and if they need to stop it is too late for them. We have 15-30 car pile ups because they drive too fast and some with no lights.

Fog light bulb on a 2004 Chevy cavalier LS sport?

The fog light bulb on a 2004 Chevy cavalier LS sport should come on when the lights are activated. If it doesn't, first check the fuse for the fog lights, then the bulb, and then the switch. One of these things is likely to be the cause of a light not working.

How do you install halo projector headlights on a 98 eclipse gs?

splice together both stripped wires for headlights and run your projector lights to your fog lights or park lights

What should I look for My park lights dont work on a 1999 grand prix and fuses are good?

check if the light bulbs are dead ???? By park lights do you mean the running lights or fog lights below the headlights? If so im having the same problem with my 99 SE ... message me if you found a solution. Thanks, bainez

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How do you turn on the 2003 Kia Sorento fog lights?

On idicater stalk right next to where you turn the headlights on

How do you turn on 2007 cts fog lights?

To turn on the fog lights on a 2007 CTS you use the turn signal selector. Rotate the outer ring to turn the fog lights on and off.

How do you turn on what appears to be fog lights below the front bumper of a super crew F-150 2003 4x4?

Turn your headlight switch to turn on your low beam headlights and pull the switch towards you to turn on the fog lights

How do you turn on the fog lights in a expedition?

I believe you turn on your low beam headlights and then pull out on the selector switch to turn on the fog lights and then push it in to shut the fog lights off

How do you turn on the fog lights in a 1999 cirrus?

Fog lights are only accessable when headlights are on; once headlights are on, pull shaft/stalk out to turn on fog lights.

How do you turn on the fog lights in your 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

If you have factory installed fog lights (driving lights) you have to pull out the knob on the light stem towards the direction of the drivers side mirror

How can you turn on the lights on the bumper of your 2003 dodge ram hemi?

The fog lights are turned on by pressing the fog light button on the headlight switch. On my truck, you have to pull the switch out that turns the regular lights on.

How do you turn on fog lamps for a 2004 dodge neon?

If your car came factory equipped with fog lights (SXT models mostly), then you can turn them on by pulling the top of the turn signal lever towards the driver window. Cheers,

How can you increase visibility in fog?

turn on your fog lights

How do I turn on the fog lights in my 2003 PT Cruiser?

If equipped, turn the headlights on and pull the end of the switch out a little bit.

Where is the on and off switch for fog lights for 2004 Lincoln navigator?

Turn your low beam headlamps on and then pull out towards you on the headlamp control to turn the fog lights on / push in to turn fog lights off

When driving in fog you should what?

go slower. leave your lights on. turn on your fog lights(if you have them) and do not turn on your bright lights!(in heavy fog) it will make it difficult to see for you and other drivers.

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