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Q: Why shouldn't high speed mills be used in preparing the sample for moisture determination?
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Ten application of redox titration?

1-determination of ferrous [Fe+2] ion in a sample solution in(g\L).2-determination of (ferrous and ferric )in a mixture. 3-determination of purity of KClO3 sample. 4-determination of [fe+2] in unknown sample. 5-determination of total iron [Fe] in an iron ore. 6-determination of [Fe+3] in a sample. 7-determination of available chlorine in bleaching powder.

Does the size of a sample change its density determination?


Why is it advisable to keep atmospheric moisture from getting into the sample?

It is to prevent contamination since moisture from air could be absorbed by the sample.

What are the elements that affect determination in a sample size?

Margin of error, level of significance and level of power are all elements that will affect the determination of sample size.

What are the four steps to design a good sample?

The FOUR steps to follow in order to design a good sample are: I. Determination of the data to be collected or described II. Determination of the population to be sampled III. Choosing the type of sample IV. Deciding on the sample size

What is a drying oven used for?

to remove the moisture in the sample. if you want to get a mass of the sample in the laboratory .

As the dew point temperature of a sample air decrease the amount of moisture in that saple of air?

The moisture decreases.

Why do sample should be keep in dark place for 30minutes in determination of iodine value?

to avoid the light go through in the sample and keep the sample cool also.

What is the best sample for the determination of blood pH and blood gases?

arterial blood

How are vitamin tests done?

Most of the vitamin tests are conducted by acquiring a sample of blood, and then preparing plasma or serum from the blood sample.

What are the method of using to analyze moisture level in grain food sample?

Moisture in grain and grain foods is measured by weight, or by weighing before and after it is dried. Two grams of the grain sample is accurately weighed into a dry dish with a cover. The sample is dried in a forced draft oven or a vacuum oven. The sample is weighted again, and the change in weights represents the amount of moisture that was lost. Moisture can also be measured by using an NIR instrument, which is much quicker, but not as dependable.

What is best sample for tha determination of blood PH and blood gases?

Arterial blood

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