Why teens might chose to drink or use tobacco?

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1. Peer pressure 2. To look and feel "grown-up" 3. Modeling parents' behavior 4. Curiosity 5. Boredom 6. Self-medication 7. Rebellion 8. Ignorance 9. To have fun 10. They've become addicted
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What are the effects that teen drinking has on your health?

DO NOT TEEN DRINK . Never teen drink. When I was 13 I started drinking all the time. Because of my drinking I am typing this from a hospital bed.. Yes Drink and smoke every day it is good for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How many teens drink achol?

Most teens consume alcohol, although most do so infrequently. The proportion who drink increases with age. The proportion also varies geographically, by socio-economic status, gender, race, religion, etc. The average at which drinking begins averages about 12 years around the world

Is it legal for teens to smoke tobacco?

In North Carolina the legal age for tobacco usage is 18. Is it smart to use tobacco? No. Do I use tobacco? Yes. Does this make me dumb? Sadly, yes. Is it smart to use tobacco at any age? No.

Why do teens drink?

Probably because it makes social interactions easier, and there is more than likely some 'peer pressure' involved. It helps teen relieve stress from school or homework etc. and to fit in at school and make them feel cooler. Or that Their parents do it and they copy them.

How can you stop teen binge drinking?

You just have to enjoy the little thing in life. Binge drinking - there's a way through it.. Monitor your teenager's activities. Do whatever you can to help them avoid being at a gathering or party where binge drinking may be a factor. And by all means, never allow your teen to host a party in your ( Full Answer )

What is tobacco used for?

I believe that chewing tobacco and smoking tobacco is used for assome people express that it calms then down or relieves stress. Itcan also cause addiction though, which is bad. Answer2: Snuff is a powdered tobacco, usually sold in cans orpouches. Often, users place it inside the lower lip or cheek. ( Full Answer )

Why do teens use tobacco?

it may be a rebellious attempt at something. peer pressure. some times kids will use it for relief. others think its cool. and the other, others ma just want some attention, or they've waited so long for attention that they just don't care any more.

When was tobacco used?

Tobacco use has been linked to pre-colonial cultures in the Americas, and likely far predates European presence there.

Where in the US do you get tobacco?

Most Tobacco is growth in the South East. Kentucky, the Carolinas, Virginia, and Tennessee are the highest tobacco-producing states.

What is tobacco use for?

It's used for smoking and drugs. It is bad for your life and your lungs, so don't use it.

What might cause teens to drink alcohol?

some kids think it is "cool"umm some do it b/c they no that there parents wouldn't approve and they want to go againt there parents b/c they made them mad some do it b/c belive it or not peer pressure wen i was a kid they was the only reason i started drinking

Can teen drinking cause depression?

Not really but it does worsen it you you drink to feel better. Were not depressed becasue we drink we drink because were depressed.

Why do underage teens drink?

i dont drink but i can sympathize, life is harder for us than most adults understand

How can teens stop drinking?

No teen...no person can totally rid the entire world of drinking, but you can prevent you and your friends from going down that road and you should. you can talk to your peers and warn them about the dangers of drinking

How many teens use tobacco?

um alot!@!@!@ my high school alown has 2000 kids and about everyone there smokes and were just one school

What can tobacco be used for?

smoking and in the olden days they use to feed it to horses to kill internal parasites

Is it against the law for teens to drink?

yahh, i think so if your under 18. i dunno . YES! If anyone under the age of 21 gets caught drinking or intoxicated, it is called underage consumption. (This is in the United States.)

What are the reasons teens use tobacco?

Why Teens smoke? *To look cool *To be like a famous person *Peer pressure *Wanna to try it *My parents or family members to smoke *Wanting more responsibly *Media Literacy Now reasons to stay a nonsmoker! *Fresh Breath *Healthy Skin *More Energy *Fewer Allergies *Saving Money *Being honest with par ( Full Answer )

What are the effects of teen drinking alcohol?

Teen drinking can be more dangerous than adult drinking because teenagers already suffer to some extent from poor judgment, simply because they are too inexperienced and are struggling with the biological and social transitions which the teenage years bring, and if they then use a drug which further ( Full Answer )

What is the percentage of teens that use smokeless tobacco?

Use of smokeless tobacco among teens had been showing a decline over the past decade-until 2009.According to the survey, current use of smokeless tobacco among 8th-graders was 3.7 percent and 6.5 percent for 10th-graders. Among 12th-graders, 8.4 percent reported using smokeless tobacco in the last m ( Full Answer )

How many teens in the US die a year because of drinking and driving?

2,000,000 Hundreds of teens die each year in alcohol-related crashes. However, the Partnership for Safe Driving reports that both speeding and distracted driving are much more serious problems for teens than drunken driving. According to official statistics collected by the National Highway Traffi ( Full Answer )

How can teenage drinking harm teens?

The way it can harm teens isx' because there under the influence and they can get serious injures and there mom an dad don't even know '

Laws on teen drinking?

Different in every state/country, I know that in Illinois we have a no tolerance policy that states anyone under the age of 21 that has a BAC/BAL of over 0.00 can and most likely will get arrested

What is teen drinking and why is it a problem?

Teen drinking is underage drinking, which is when people who are below the legal drinking age consume alcoholic beverages. Teens who drink do not perform well in school and they tend to have negative relationships with their family members. Drunk driving is dangerous and can lead to serious injuries ( Full Answer )

Why do teens drink when they're underage?

i dont drink but i can sympathize, life is harder for us than most adults understand. There is a certain phycological boost as it gives you a sense of authority and it makes them feel oder than they and often gives a sense of satisfaction/thrill that the rae doing considered extreme or risky which s ( Full Answer )

Why do teens smoke tobacco?

Teens smoke tobacco because it is seen as "cool". Others see there friends smoking and are curious as to what it's like. It's more of a social thing rather than an habit. I'm 13 and have the odd cigarette now and again. I no the dangers and I absolutely detest smoking. Ironic really.

How do you prevent teens from drinking?

You can't prevent it entirely. Teens are a reflection of their parents. If their parents coming home and having a drink or two or more at night to unwind, then they'll be more likely to see it as a possible coping skill for themselves. Even though teens seem rebellious, they are still the kid that y ( Full Answer )

How many teens die a year from tobacco?

Approximately zero. The main health risk of tobacco is cancer, which usually takes morethan a few years to develop to the point of being fatal. Sinceteens in most places don't even have (legal) access to tobaccountil they're almost not teens anymore, the number of teens whocontract and die from can ( Full Answer )

What are the risks of teens drinking?

Liver Damage Short and Long Term Brain damage such as poor brain development and reduced motor skills it also affects judgement and can create a dependency on alcohol

What are standard drink helpful to us when you chose to drink?

Because standard drinks of beer, wine and distilled spirits all contain the same amount of alcohol (0.60 oz), this information helps us avoid myths such as the belief that beer contains less alcohol than a shot of whiskey.

How might teens lose weight?

Losing weight for teens is the same as for anyone; consume less calories than you burn. Eat a balanced diet; if you're not sure whether you are, research a balanced diet. I'm sure you know enough to eat more fruits and veggies and avoid 'junk' food. If you don't get much exercise, increase that. Wal ( Full Answer )

Why might gangs appeal to teens?

There are many reasons. Personally i suppose they appeal to teens more then any other age range is because they are the most unaware. teens what to be cool, there young, they are full of energy and stupid decisions.

Why might you chose not to have a dictionary on your bookshelf?

I don't have own a physical dictionary, because I have access to dozens of excellent on-line dictionaries, applications, digital dictionaries, and browser add-ons that allow me to more quickly and thoroughly research the definition, origin, and examples of a given word and compare various dictionary ( Full Answer )

Why is tobacco use so unhealthy for teenagers What is the big deal about teens smoking anyways right it's not that unhealthy or is it explain the dangers of tobacco use?

You say it's "not that unhealthy" - okay let's look at some official United Nations statistics: . 56% of heart attacks are caused by smoking . 66% of lung cancer is caused by smoking . 74% of throat cancer is caused by smoking . 49% of mouth cancer is caused by smoking . 50% of bladder cancer ( Full Answer )

How many teens abuse tobacco?

Would be difficult to calculate, atleast oneperson everyday is else misusing tobacco for one reason or another.

How does the media influence teens to drink?

First, this subject is still being debated by scholars, teachers, and parents. There is a theory called "strong media effects" which says the media are very influential, especially in teaching kids to do certain things. (It is usually applied to negative behaviors, like drinking, acting in a violent ( Full Answer )