Why teens might chose to drink or use tobacco?

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1. Peer pressure 2. To look and feel "grown-up" 3. Modeling parents' behavior 4. Curiosity 5. Boredom 6. Self-medication 7. Rebellion 8. Ignorance 9. To have fun 10. They've become addicted
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Why do teens use tobacco?

it may be a rebellious attempt at something. peer pressure. some times kids will use it for relief. others think its cool. and the other, others ma just want some attentio

What might cause teens to drink alcohol?

some kids think it is "cool"umm some do it b/c they no that there parents wouldn't approve and they want to go againt there parents b/c they made them mad some do it b/c beliv

How many teens use tobacco?

um alot!@!@!@ my high school alown has 2000 kids and about everyone there smokes and were just one school

What are the reasons teens use tobacco?

Why Teens smoke? *To look cool *To be like a famous person *Peer pressure *Wanna to try it *My parents or family members to smoke *Wanting more responsibly *Media Literacy No

What is the percentage of teens that use smokeless tobacco?

Use of smokeless tobacco among teens had been showing a decline over the past decade-until 2009.According to the survey, current use of smokeless tobacco among 8th-graders was
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What are standard drink helpful to us when you chose to drink?

Because standard drinks of beer, wine and distilled spirits all contain the same amount of alcohol (0.60 oz), this information helps us avoid myths such as the belief that bee