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Don't know about the fan cooler, but I've drained the coolant from my '90. First take the aluminum shield off the passenger side of the engine. (The one that covers the cylinders). In between the cylinders is a drain plug for the block. Take that out. Then take the hose off at the lower radiator connection. It won't get it all, but it is about the best you can do. When you fill it back up, make sure you dive up and down short steep hills to get the air bubbles out. Then refill the resevoir.

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Q: Why the fan cooler never stop even if the temperature drooped to minimum in vw vanagon 89 and how you can drain the antifreezecoolant fluid?
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Where is the water pump on a 1984 vanagon?

0.028" (0.7mm)

What is the wheel size for a VW Vanagon?

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you will probably need to change heads gaskets

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The brake switch is located on the brake master cylinder!