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Hey wwe is fake so they mabye got another man wich was bigger


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No, They are both the same people. Glenn Jacobs wore the mask but he was forced to take it on in 2003 after losing a match. Glenn Jacobs is still Kane. hell yes his dick is bigger

Kane lost his match because former Smackdown General Manager Eric Bischauf put Kane in a match against Triple H or Randy Orton it was between them and Kane lost so Randy Orton and Triple H The King Of Kings forced him to take his mask off. But Kane wouldn't so Randy Orton,Triple H and a few other guys began to beat him up but then came former Tag Team Champion RVD (Rob Van Dam) to rescue his former tag team partner Kane he the knocked Triple H down then he gave Randy Orton a Five Star Frog Splash and waited until Kane took off his mask. Kane then took of his mask and there stood a 7 foot tall man with a face uglier than Medusa. And That's the story of the mask taken off by Kane.

He got unmasked a few years ago. Other than that I cant think of another reason.

some stars are smaller than sun remaining stars are bigger than sun.

Kane is eleven years younger than Ryan Kane is eleven years younger than Ryan

Because it was on the night of a full moon.

the difference is that stars are much bigger in size than a planet

Bigshow is better than Kane

No, Kane is 7'0, The Undertaker 6'10.

Yes he can! However, You have to buy it in Season mode. But No worries, It's easy to get and should take less than 20 minutes to get.

No. Actually, The original Kane was played by a different person than the modern Kane.

Patrick Kane is six months younger than Toews!

(2010) of course the undertaker is stronger than kane.

(2010) the undertaker is stronger than kane.

There Was A Storyline Involving An Imposter Kane In 2003 But There Was Only One Real Kane.

Yes, much bigger. The stars appear tiny because they are unimaginably far away. The stars we see at night are suns, some bigger and brighter than out son, some with their own planets orbiting them.

Because the sun is closer to us than any other star NOTE: The sun is NOT bigger than any other star, they are all the same size.

Because some stars are closer or bigger than others.

yes,cause batista is bether than kane

GREG who is a whole level better than KANE.

Some of the stars you see in the night sky are in fact bigger than the sun. They only appear small because they are many times farther away than the sun.

Yes, much bigger. There are many stars in our galaxy, thousands of millions of them. Everything you see in the night sky is in our galaxy, including the Moon, so the galaxy is much bigger.

Kane: 7 ft 0 in Taker: 6 ft 10 in. So Kane is taller than Taker.

No. 0.909 is bigger than 0.9

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