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Why they use cows milk as alternative for breast milk?


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September 13, 2011 4:26PM

I just read about this on one of the breast milk manufactuer's website. Apparently the proteins in cows milk are the most similar to a human's out of all the substances they have tested. They add to and alter proteins alittle to make the cow's milk seem even more similar to mom's so the baby can digest them easier. Soy based proteins were next closest to humans.


That information is clearly wrong.infact, Goats and Sheeps milk are closer to the composition of Breastmilk then Cows milk could ever be, and Cows milk is also the biggest factor in child hood allergies and long term health problems.

Cows milk is the hardest composition of fat and protein made from the mammary glands of any animal to digest, and has a profound effect on some people later in life. Research is underway to link some forms of Obesity to cows milk.