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Abraham Lincoln was against slavery because he declared it was injustice and it was bad politics.

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Abraham Lincoln was an abolitionist, meaning he wanted to get rid of slavery.

He was for the reunion of the country but against slavery.

Of course he was against slavery! He was one of the reasons they ended slavery.

because he had promised not to interfere with slavery.

Abraham Lincoln and Clara Barton both where abolitionist which meant that they were against slavery.

Lincoln was against slavery and that's why the Civil War went raging on.

Abraham Lincoln was against slavery. As President, however, he did not believe he had the power to end slavery.

Abraham Lincoln who founded the Emancipation Proclamation to stop slavery Abe Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln used many terms when talking about slavery, including: "the oppression of negroes" "monstrous injustice" "institution of slavery" "morally wrong" After the Emancipation Proclaimation, Abraham Lincoln called slavery illegal in the Southern states currently fighting against the Union.

Abraham Lincoln stopped slavery on January 1,1863

No Abraham Lincoln NEVER owned slaves. His father was totally against slavery and it carried over to Abraham.

He served the country and went against slavery.

he was against slavery so he was on the north "yankees"

No. She was an abolitionist, which means she was against slavery, but the official decision to end slavery came from Abraham Lincoln. As president, Abraham Lincoln had the authority to mandate the end of slavery for all states.

Abraham Lincoln stopped slavery on September 22nd, 1862

Abraham Lincoln did not believe in slavery.

yes, Abraham Lincoln was against slavery and during the civil war he issued the emancipation proclamation of 1863.

It was Abraham Lincoln but Tubman and Douglas were against slavery too.

yes because they were both against slavery

Abraham Lincoln abolished slavery as president.

Abe Lincoln did not like slavery.

Abraham Lincoln had banned slavery because he was an abolitionist which means he was against slavery.and when he banned slavery it started the civil war.

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