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Why was Chris Pine so bad as Kirk?

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the seeds in a pine cone are called pine seeds. p.s im blind so there might be bad spelling sorry.

Yes any type of pine is extremely bad for all rodents, it can cause eye problems and upper respertory infections. Most guinea pigs die from upper resperatory infections. So pine is really bad for them

Chris Kellie Paige Megan and falon all think so. So yes

is plies and kirk Franklin brothers and if so how

Kirk Talley is GAY! so is Ray Boltz in case you are curious.

i no u not chris brown dad but i love him and i love him to met me and taik about meet lil waney my futer boyfriend i love him so bad

well he beat Rhianna up pretty bad but all he got was probation so he didn't really end up in jail so there's your info on CHRIS BROWN

No song -- by Chris is a bad song . Anythinq he touches turns to qold ; so no ... With You is an exceptional sonq . It shows how younq people can have love and be in love . It shows that he has a soft side for his ladies ; With You is the second sinqle off of his Exclusive album .

They come from pine trees, so wherever pine trees live. Most likely in colder climates.

The pine cones are its seed so it makes them so it can reproduce. In other words 'to make another of itself.'

I've heard it is bad for them and good so i don't really know, i would prefer no about it but the good side they said was if it was kiln-dried.

Because they want to. No, the pine trees smell so the can give oxygen

The produce seeds so tht new pine trees can be born.

Kirk Douglas was born in 1916 December, and is still alive as of 2013 March.

It is not baby did a bad bad thing there is no harmonica in that song so it's wrong if people even listen to it it's not the same song not by far

Chris Brown has released 2 albums and is looking fine!!!!!!!!!!!! xx Chris yourr so so so so so............................HHHHOOOOOOTTTTTT

he is famous because of his music

Compared to other materials, pine does not have many bad environmental impacts. This is because with plantations, they have been specially planted for purposes such as making things. So this is not damaging the environment because wood cutters are not chopping trees from the forest, but from the plantation.

Pine Island is about 18 miles long, so wherever you're going, it will be less than 18 miles.

pine trees live for 100 years and under so be careful they are our fossils

No. A pine tree has its own seeds so there only needs to be one tree.

They have lots of pine trees that make pine cones so that's why

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