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Q: Why was James Clendon at Waitangi when the treaty was being signed?
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Did James Cook sign the the treaty of waitangi?

No. The Treaty of Waitangi was signed over 60 years after Captain James Cook died.

Did James busby sign the treaty of waitangi?


When did James Reddy Clendon die?

James Reddy Clendon died in 1872.

When was James Reddy Clendon born?

James Reddy Clendon was born in 1800.

When was James Clendon Tau Henare born?

James Clendon Tau Henare was born in 1911.

When did James Clendon Tau Henare die?

James Clendon Tau Henare died in 1989.

Who signed the treaty of waitangi for the maori?

The Treaty established a British Governor of New Zealand, recognised Māori ownership of their lands and other properties, and gave the Māori the rights of British subjects. There are nine copies of the Treaty of Waitangi including the original signed on 6 February 1840 Around 500 chiefs, including at least 13 women, signed the Treaty of Waitangi.

What did James Madison do in the war?

James signed the treaty that officially ended the war.

What were the names of the Maori Chiefs that signed the Treaty of Waitangi?

Hone Heke was the first chief to sign the treaty.

Who arrive in France after The Louisiana Purchase treaty was signed?

James Monroe

Who was president at the time of the Adams onis treaty?

James Monroe was the President when the Adams-Onis Treaty was negotiated and signed.

Who was president when the Treaty of Ghent was signed?

Im not sure but i think it was James Madison