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Montgomery Bus Boycott

Why was Rosa Parks responsible for the Montgomery bus boycott?


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March 29, 2011 5:07PM

Rosa Parks was an African-American.Awhile ago,African-Americans and White people's rights weren't equal,and African-Americans were treated badly.All African-Americans had to sit on the back of the bus,and White people got the front.If an African-American was on the bus first,and sat in the front,and then a white person got on,you had to give up your seat for them.But one day,when Rosa was sitting in the front,and a White person got on the bus,she refused to give up her seat.She felt that African-Americans were not being treated fairly,so she stood up for what she believed.She did get taken to jail.But after,many marches were held.Also,Martin Luther King Jr. made his speech.Many African-Americans boycotted buses,which means to stop going on buses.So,because Rosa didnt give up her seat,and went to jail,many African-Americans were upset with the situation.They didnt like that she was taken to jail.So they boycotted the buses to make things fair.So,people blamed Rosa for the boycotting.