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Tecumseh was important because he saved many lifes of the people around him and risked his life for others causes. That why I believe he was important to the devolopment of Canada. -zoe M. :P I had to ansewer this question for my history project...(trading cards:)

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Q: Why was Tecumseh important to Canada?
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Where did Tecumseh live in Canada?

Tecumseh lived in Walpole Island.

What perspective would Tecumseh have about the loyalists moving into Canada?

what was Tecumseh's perspective on the Loyalists

Why did Tecumseh want to flee Canada?

to poo

Where is Tecumseh located?

next to winsdor ontario in canada

What general cut off Tecumseh's retreat into Canada?

William Harrison

What year did Chief Tecumseh die the Battle of the Thames River in Canada which took place in what year?

Tecumseh died Oct. 5, 1813.

What is the address of AV Graham Public school?

815 Brenda Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada

Who was killed in the Battle of the Thames River in Canada in the War of 1812?

Tecumseh, chief of the Shawnee Indains.

What important information can you tell me about Tecumseh?

Tecumseh was a First Nations ally during the war of 1812. He battled alongside Brock until Brock died in the Battle at Queenston Heights. Tecumseh died at the battle of Moraiviantown

What did Americans conclude after Tecumseh and other native Americans fled to Canada?

The Americans thought they were teaming up.

Why was Tecumseh important to the US?

He was important because he helped us defeat the British after trying to kill us because we where taking he land he and his Indians lived on. Tecumseh was on the British side and was known as a fierce enemy by the Americans.

How did Tecumseh help make the world a better place today?

Tecumseh fought in the war of 1812. That's how he made the world a better place for us to live in today. Tecumseh was a native american. He gave up his everything for us. During the war Tecumseh's death had occured. Tecumseh fought for Canada and today Canada is a free country where no one needs to worry that their child might get shot in the war, or that their family can die anytime because of the war. The war of 1812 has made a big difference in our life today. Though Tecumseh had fought in that war so there is some credit to him also because he fought until the end of the war but unfortunatley at the end he died :(