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It was very important to the Union army, because the battle cut off Arkansas, Texas and Louisiana from the Confederate army.

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Why is grants pass called grants pass?

It was named in honor of General Ulysses S. Grant's victory at Vicksburg

What did Grants victory at Vicksburg do?

gave union control of Richmond IMPROVEMENT The victory at Vicksburg and the following conquest of Port Hudson gave the Union the whole control of the River Mississippi.

How did general Ulysses s. grants siege finally lead to the union victory at Vicksburg?

Because the siege served its purpose - the Confederates were stuck inside their garrison, and ended up eating rats.

What happend after grants victory at Vicksburg?

It was the end of the war in the West, and Grant was able to go to the aid of the Army of the Cumberland in Chattanooga.

When did Ulysses S. Grant capture Vicksburg and the Mississippi river?

Vicksburg surrendered to Grants army on July 4, 1863 giving the Union control of the Mississippi River and cutting the Confederacy in two.

How did the citizens of Vicksburg resist Grant's attack?

The citizens resisted Grants attack by keeping him out of Vicksburg. What ends up happening is Grants forces stop food from going into Vicksburg forcing Vicksburg to surrender.

What was Ulysses S. Grants favorite shape?

Ulysses s Grants favorite shape was a circle

Grants victory at Vicksburg was important because?

It took 30,000 Confederates out of the fight. It liberated the Mississippi, denying its valuable use to anyone except Union forces. It enabled Grant and Sherman to join the big campaign at Chattanooga.

What is Ulysses S. Grants party affiliation?

Ulysses Grant was a Republican.

When is Ulysses S Grants' birthday?

Ulysses S. Grant was born on April 27, 1822

What was president grants firs t name?

Ulysses S. Grant but was born Hiram Ulysses Grant.

Who was Ulysses s grants rolemodel?

Abraham lincoln was his rolemodel

What was Ulysses S. Grants full name?

Hiram Ulysses Grant. They say his middle name was Simpson, it was not.

What were Ulysses S. Grants accomplishments?

he was the president of the united states

How did the citizens of Vicksburg resist grants attack?

They lived in caves or made dugouts in the hillsides.

Who was Ulysses S. Grant mom and dad?

Ulysses Grants parents were Jesse Root Grant and Hannah Simpson Grant.

Who was the first lady of Ulysses S. Grant?

Ulysses Grants wife and first lady when he was president was Julia Dent Grant.

What was Ulysses S. Grants relationship like with his wife?

Ulysses Grant was farely close with his wife Julia Boggs Dent.

Who was Grants Pass Oregon named after?

General Ulysses Grant named the town "Grants Pass" when he rode thru Oregon with his soldiers.

Where was Ulysses grants parents from?

They were both natives of Pennsylvania. After they married they settled in Ohio.

What is the US Grants first name?

U.S. Grant's first name was Ulysses.

What is the names of President grants children?

Fredrick, Ulysses "buck", Ellen and Jesse

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