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Why was William McKinley killed?


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He was killed by anarchist, Leon Czolgosz, for no particular reason. Other than promoting anarchy that is. Anarchists believe that all government is evil.


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He was killed while he was in office.

McKinley was killed while he was president. Hopefully he enjoyed an afterlife after he was president.

Czolgosz shot McKinley on September 6,1901. McKinley survived until September 14.

President William McKinley was attending the Pan American Exposition in Buffalo, NY on 6 September 1901. At a reception shaking hands, he was shot by an anarchist, Leon Czolgosz. McKinley died on 14 September.Read more: [[When President William McKinley was killed#ixzz15yYGWgal|]]

William McKinley was a devout Methodist.

US President William McKinley was shot and killed by Leon Czolgosz on September 5, 1901; and he died of gangrene on September 14.

McKinley was elected two times, in 1896 and again in 1900. He was killed early into his second term.

William McKinley answered the phone William McKinley answered the phone

William McKinley was shot on September 6,1901 and died on September 15,1901.

It was a .32 caliber Iver Johnson 5-shot revolver

Abraham Lincoln and William McKinley. Kennedy and Garfield were killed during their first terms.

Yes, William McKinley had eight siblings.Anna McKinleyDavid McKinleyJames McKinleyAbner McKinleySarah McKinleyMary McKinleyAbigail McKinleyHelen McKinley

William McKinley married Ida Saxton McKinley on January 25, 1871.

William McKinley was a strong presidential candidate. William McKinley won two presidential elections. William McKinley was assassinated a few months after his second election.

Katherine Mckinley and Ida Mckinley

John F. Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln, James A. Garfield, William McKinley

William McKinley was buried at "The McKinley National Memorial" in Canton Ohio, United States.

William McKinley was born on January 29, 1843.

William Thomas McKinley was born in 1938.

William McKinley was a Republican.

i need help i have history compare and contrast paper on William McKinley what issues did William McKinley have THANKS FOR YOUR HELP

In 1896, the mountain was named for William McKinley, the republican nominee for president, by a gold prospector, William Dickey.

No. He died after leaving the Presidency. The Four Presidents who were killed while in office were: Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield, William McKinley, and John Kennedy.

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