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World War II was a surge of econimic growth in Canada, In the prosses Canada became one of the most richest countries at that time. The war had brought economic parity within such as, there were approximately 1 million women who were accepted into the workforce, there was also a surge of growth in agriculture and manufacturing since, it became more mechanized and more countries became associated with our exports. In addition the war brought very low unemployment which was good and created an immense demand for military goods, which included guns, planes, trucks, and armor, these products all together added up to over 10 billion dollars in profit for the value of war goods produced. These goods were shipped to Britain since, Canada was their supplier in war goods.

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Q: Why was World War 2 a defining moment in Canadian history?
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I am doing a history project on this! so here is what I got ;P ! The Invention of Insulin It was in 1923 that Frederick Banting was given the Nobel Prize in Medicine. He gave some of his award money with Dr. Charles Best, His colleague. He was granted a lifetime annuity to develop his research and King George the 5th even bestowed a knighthood on him! Banting was not only Canadian but he was the lead scientist behind the invented of insulin and he is famous for it! Insulin is essential for extending the lives of many people all over the world with Diabetes and its invention was a defining moment for Canada's reputation in a science and medicine. It tells people that we as Canadians are highly educated and are willing to make great contributions for the whole world. Diabetes is a disease that is caused when the body in incapable of producing a balanced amount sugar for good health. Insulin allows glucose to enter a cell after being transferred from the bloodstream. Thanks to our Canadian Scientist those with this disease can now lead much more healthy lives!

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Several events happened in Canadian history: The war of 1812, the british/french wars, the expulsion of the Acadians, etc. That is just pre-confederation. Post- confederation included both World Wars, in which Canada was very prominent, and Union Rebellions, including the creation of new provinces, the internment of Japanese people during just goes on and on. Canadian history has the bad rap of being boring, because we have not had any civil wars. However, a closer look at Canadian history proves this wrong. Just take a look, its actually interesting.

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The Royal Canadian Navy was the third largest navy in the world at the beginning of World War 2.

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