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If it wasn't for World War 2. woman in Canada wouldn't be able to work men's job. However, world war two changed the world so much that nobody would imagine. woman would just stay home and cook, while men went to world war 2 to fight. Now since all men went to world war 2 nobody was there to make weapons, run farms and take care of the children. The government decided that woman can work hard as men too. however, the government gave women many different jobs. such as making weapons, nurse women, farmers, factory and many more. After world war 2 life changed. Women had the right to work as men and to do stuff like men. so they demanded equality right. And in 1982 Pierre Trudeau introduced the charter of right. This is why World War 2 is considered a good war in Canada.

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Q: Why was World War 2 considered a good war for Canada?
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Has Canada ever won a war?

If you take the time of the creation of Canada as 1867, Canada has been directly involved in two major wars: World War 1 and World War 2. Canada was on the winning side in both, so it could be considered as having won at least two wars.

Did canada fight in World War 1?

yes Canada fought in world war 1 because Canada was a British colony, and when British was at the war, Canada found itself at the war automatically

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The Netherlands had nothing to do with Canada that related them with world war I

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Canada was not much involved with world war one but Canada served in world war 1 to help the UK Because they where very close countries

Why did Canada fight ni World War 2?

Canada fought many battles in world war.

On what date did Canada join World War I?

1914 canda joined the world war 1

How was Canada involved in World War I?

Canada became involved in world war 1 because Canada was one of the British empire's colony and were allies with them.

What were Quebec's different reactions on the first world war?

Quebec had bloody recations when Canada join the firt world war. Quebec had bloody recations when Canada join the firt world war. Quebec had bloody recations when Canada join the firt world war.

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how did Canada change after world war two? it created things for others obviously

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Canada was a part of World War I because of its close ties to the United Kingdom.

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it is considered a pluralist society because after the war of 1793, the us and canada joined together in a call of duty and they defeated the russian reznof and all was good until obama came and messed up his second time as president by doing nothing and canada then nuked him and thats why canada is considered a plurist society.

What has greater inpact on canada ww1 or World War 2?

The greatest impact on Canada was as a result of World War II due to Canada's extensive effort in this war as opposed to World War I.

What were the living conditions like in Canada after world war 2?

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Is World War 1 and world war 2 considered the revolutionary war?


When did Canada declare war in World War 2?

Canada declared war on Germany on September 10, 1939.

What war is Canada known for?

Canada was a major participant in both world wars, and in the War of 1812.

Did Canada go back into recession after World War 1?

Yes, Canada suffered through the Great Depression during the 1930s. This was after World War I but before World War II.

Should Canada have gone to World War 2 and why?

Yes. Canada should have gone to world war two because if they did not Britain would lose trust in Canada and Canada needs Britain

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Canada was independent of Britain in 1931. Unlike World War I, Canada had the choice to involve itself in the war. Canada declared war on Germany three days after Britain in 1939. One of the first to enter WW2.

Has Canada been involved in any wars?

Canada has been in several wars:The War of 1812The Boer WarThe First World WarThe Second World WarThe Korean WarThe present war in Afghanistan

Why Canada got involved in world war 2?

Canada was both involved in world war one and world two because during that time, Canada was still part of the British Commonwealth regiment or in other words, Britain still had power over Canada and its foreign policies. So if Britain declared war, Canada was automatically at war too.

What five countries were good Allies in world war 2?

Britain, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the US.Canada, the U.S., France, England and Russia.