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As one FAQ Farmer said, "Somebody thought it was a good idea." This question cannot be answered since "it" is not specified.

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Q: Why was an automobile invented?
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Why was the automobile invented?

The automobile was invented for transportation to take you near or far.

Where automobile car discover?

The automobile was not discovered it was invented. The first practical automobile was invented in Germany by Karl Benz in 1885.

Who invented a practical automobile?

Henry Ford invented the first affordable and practical automobile.

Who is the American citizen that invented the automobile?

The automobile was invented by Carl Benz, a German citizen.

When was Automobile invented?

The automobile was invented in 1769 by Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot, who invented the first self-propelled car.

What is the automobile age?

The automobile was invented 125yrs ago.

Is Karl Benz the guy who invented the automobile?

Carl Benz invented the gasoline engine, but not the automobile.

What did an automobile cost in 1885?

The automobile wasn't invented until then.

Who invented the 1st automobile?

i did it

What was the automobile invented for?


Who invented the automobile headlight?

Louis Bleriot invented the automobile headlights, while he was studying at Ecole Centrale Paris.

When was the automobile muffler invented?

It was invented when they first invented cars which was in 1887

Who invnted the first automobile?

Henry Ford invented the first automobile.

When a vehicle such as an automobile was invented what the most common method of transportation was?

the automobile

What did Henry Ford say when he invented the automobile?

hope that Karl Benz doesn't heard about this, I invented the assembly line but not the automobile!

Who invented the first automobile key?

Henry G. Key invented the first automobile key, hence the name, in 1932

Who invented automobile cars?

Nicolas Joseph Cugnot a French engineer invented the first automobile that worked with steam power

Who invented the first true powered gas automobile?

Karl Benz invented the first "true" gasoline powered automobile.

What if henery ford never invented the automobile?

Henry Ford never did invent the automobile. He invented the assembly line which made the automobile more affordable but he did not invent the auto. The first true gasoline powered internal combustion engine automobile was invented by Karl Benz in 1885.

Where did Karl Benz invent the automobile?

Karl Benz invented the automobile in Germany.

In what country was the first automobile invented?

The first country to make an automobile is Europe

When was the first automobile invented?


What was invented in 1900s?

The airplane and automobile

What year was the automobile was invented?


What year was the automobile invented?