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Yes, many allied soldiers died in an attempt to turn back the Japanese attempt to take over the Pacific, but the outcome was inevitable.

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Why was it important for the allies to take control of islands like okinawa and Iwo Jima in the pacific?

becuase they had to?

Why were the islands in the Pacific important for the Japanese to attack and important for the Americans to take back?

The islands in the Pacific were important for both the Japanese and the Americans to maintain control of. Whoever was effectively able to control the islands in the Pacific could essentially control the shipping routes of the Pacific Great Circle.

Why did some Americans want to take control of islands in the pacific?

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Where Did Midway Take Place?

The Battle of Midway took place over the islands of the Midway group in the Pacific Ocean and to the north and west of the islands.

Why did the U.S take the Midway islands?

To stop the Japanese from controlling the Pacific ocean. They could have launched further attacks on the Americas and other islands from there.

What battle turned the tide of the war in the pacific against japan and allowed the allies to take the offensive?

That was the Battle of Midway Island.

Why didnt the US go to war sooner against japan?

WW2 was a two front War and with the Pacific fleet damaged at Pearl it took a bit to build more ships, but they did plan and work on how to take back the Pacific Islands. These had to be taken back one by one with beachheads for each island. The Japanese were very entrenched in the islands with tunnels and supplies. The allies had to fight for every inch of land they took back. Watch the series Victory at Sea you will get an understanding of the war in the Pacific.

US strategy in the pacific during World War 2?

Island-Hopping. They would only takeover the important islands that Japan controlled. It would take longer for them to take back all the islands.

Where is midway island and way was the battle of midway so important?

The Midway Islands are in the Pacific, roughly halfway between North America and Asia. The battle (in 1942) was an early victory for the Allies (although it would take another three years to defeat Japan into surrender).

What did the Allied campaign in the South Pacific involve?

Leap frogging or island hopping was how the Allies fought the Japanese in World War II. They concentrated on a few key islands that advanced their drive to Japan. They did not try to take every island. Admiral Nimitz took the Gilbert and Marshall Islands and then the Marianas and moved towards the Bonin Islands. General MacArthur took the Solomon Islands, New Guinea, the Bismarck Archipelago, and then the Philippines.

Where did most of world war 2 take place?

There were two fronts in WW2. The European theater and the Pacific. Hitler had invaded 39 countries, so the Allies had to take back those countries. They entered through the beaches of France ( this is D Day) and fought their way through to rest of the countries into Berlin, Germany. The Pacific war was battles/beachheads on specific islands held by Japan. Each island had to be taken one by one until they were free. Many men died on the islands and the conditions were awful. Get the book "The Pacific War from Peal Harbor to Hiroshima" by Daniel Marston for further info.

Where did the Battle of Midway take place?

Midway Islands (island group, the Pacific/United States) Battle of Midway (History)

Reasons Americans wanted to take over Hawaii?

Americans wanted to take over Hawaii. The islands are strategically located to secure the Pacific and the crops were profitable.

How long does it take to drive from Ohio to Hawaii?

You can't drive from Ohio to Hawaii. Hawaii is a set of islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. You have to take a plane or boat to get there.

How and why did Japan start World War 1 in the Pacific?

When the war started, Germany had colonies in the Pacific, and controlled a small territory in China. Japan decided to take advantage of the war, and joined the side of the Allies, correctly predicting that after they won, the other Allies would allow Japan to keep those colonies.

Why was it critical for the allies to take the Japanese held islands of Iowa jima and okinawa?

the island were critical as bases from which allied bomber could reach japan

Why was it critical for the Allies to take the Japanese-held islands of Iwo Jima and Okinawa?

Because the Japanese hookers we're becoming over powering

How did the Japanese find out where to attack Pearl Harbor?

As an open nation, visitors were always comming to the U.S., including Hawaii. Japan really liked Hawaii and wanted to take over the islands of the Pacific. It didn't take much. They had spies and ambassadors who took pictures. It wasn't that difficult to get a good idea of where things would be.

Why was japan in hitlers side in the world war 2?

Japan became allies with Germany because Germany could take Europe and Japan could take the Pacific so their forces could take the world.

Strategies used by allied and axis powers in the pacific?

WWII in Europe was a Land War. WWII in the Pacific was an Ocean War. Discounting the CBI Theater (China, Burma, India). The Axis (Japan) took islands in the pacific and fortified them into military garrisons/AIRFIELDS & NAVAL BASES. These were needed to "Protect" the Empire. The Allies (US, Britain, Australia, New Zealand) fought to take those island garrisons/AIRFIELDS & NAVAL BASES back. These were needed to "Attack" the Empire. That was the strategy. The tactics were NAVAL BATTLES. Whom ever won the naval battles; won the islands.

3 reasons why japan bombed pearl harbor?

1. They wanted to dominate the islands of the Pacific and Hawaii was a prime target because it's an excellent sea port right in the middle. 2. They wanted to dominate the islands of the Pacific and didn't want the United States interfering with their efforts elsewhere. 3. They wanted to prove to their people back home that they had a superior military and that their efforts to take over the islands of the Pacific would be good for the nation.

Why was aircraft carrier dominant in World War 2?

The Pacific theater required air power because there were small islands in the Pacific that had been invaded by Japan. In order to take the islands planes were used to drop bombs and to fight the Japaneese airforce. Then, the troops landed and took each island one by one. If you would like to see the war in the Pacific watch the series Victory at Sea. It documents the Pacific war.

What forms the Pacific Islands?

Plate tectonics is responsible for the formation of Pacific islands. As plates move against each other, they generate friction which causes volcanic activity. Over time, the volcanic activity breaks the surface of the water and forms islands. This can take hundreds of thousands of years. The entire time, the plates are still shifting, causing this volcanic activity to create islands spreading out from the source. Hawaii is a perfect example of this activity.

How did the allies strategy to defeat Japan in the Pacific work?

Their strategy was to split the Allied Forces in the Pacific. MacArthur lead forces in the SW Pacific. He was based in Australia. His force went after the Japanese to repel them from the islands. They had to cut off the communications lines of the Japanese by re-taking some of the islands the Japanese occupied near China. Nimitz led the Naval force that went after islands starting from the Coral Sea and on up to the mainland island of Japan. They began an island hopping campaign to take back American possessions and liberate the islands the Japanese had invaded. It took them three years to accomplish this because they had to build up the Naval fleet again. The other problem they had was their enemy. The Japanese were very fierce warriors making them difficult to defeat. They were clever too. They would hide underground or fight only at night. The Naval Japanese leaders tricked and trapped the US Naval vessels too. But the strategy the Allied Forces chose to use did work. They won the war.

Why did japan take over the pacific islands during world war 2?

I am not an expert, but from what I understand they needed each island group as a base from which to launch more attacks, and create a defensive perimeter around the Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere. If and when the allies counterattacked, they could use forward islands to disrupt enemy supply lines, engage in battles with a strong defensive advantage, and deny the Americans bases of their own.

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