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Why was it safe for Jews to go to Sweden during the ww2?


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Sweden remained neutral during the war.

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Sweden was neutral in WW2, therefore I just hope the answer to your question is nil.

Before WW2 there were about 2100 Norwegian Jews in Norway. Mostly of them were aither sent to consentrations camps in Poland or they escaped to Sweden.

no Sweden was a neutral country during WW2

The Jews were persecuted in Poland during ww2

Sweden remained neutral, but a supporter of Germany during WW2. Sweden was not attacked or occupied by Germany.

the allies were not fighting for Jews during WW2

Jews were subject to genocide during WW2.

Switzerland and Sweden. Both of them were neutral during ww2.

1.25 million Soviet Jews were killed, mostly were by Nazis

yes, in concentration camps during WW2........................

Switzerland, Portugal, Ireland, Spain, and Sweden.

no. it was a Nazi camp used to hold, and kill Jews during ww2.

The Nazi Party in Germany during WW2.

Ireland, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal.

Scandinavia is a region, not a country. The countries that make up the region of Scandinavia are Denmark, Norway and Sweden. During WW2, Denmark and Norway were both invaded on April 9, 1940. Sweden was never invaded and was able to remain neutral throughout WW2 by allowing the Nazis to move supplies through Sweden while also offering asylum to Jews fleeing from Nazi persecution.

During WW2 around 6 million Jews were killed.

no it was developed by Nazi propaganda during WW2

Ghettos during WW2 were where the ss soldiers rounded up the Jews and made them stay

Adolf Hitler and the Nazis committed genocide during WW2, against the Jews.

Germany during ww2, Sweden in 1655In World War 2 Poland was invaded by Germany.

There is no difference between the two, the Holocaust just refers to the genocide of the Jews during WW2.

no it was during and before WW2 when Hitler started gassing Jews

'There was large scale genocide of the Jews living in Europe during WW2'

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