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It was smart for Germany to sneak Lenin back into Russia because they were currently at war with Russia. Germany wanted Lenin to take Russia out from the inside, creating a rebellion that would collapse the government and lead to German victory.

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What happened to the Nazi-Soviet pact?

It ended when Germany launched a sneak attack on Russia in 1940. The division of Poland between Germany and the Soviet Union

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What country did Germany launch a sneak attack on June 1941?

they launched a invasion of the soviet union on June 22,1941

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Who did Nazi Germany invade to trigger WW II?

Poland was invaded and overrun in a sneak attack, which brought England, her ally, into the war.

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The Japanese sneak attack on Pearl Harbor caused the U. S. to declare war on Japan. Japan was allied with Germany at the time, and Germany responded by declaring war on the U. S. The U. S. responded by declaring war on Germany.

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