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Why was japan bombed in World War 2?

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because without a bombing Japan wouldn't of quit.

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the United States bombed japan with atomic bombs.

they bombed hawaii, the phillipenes, and many others.

World War 2. Japan Bombed Pearl Harbor.

During the second world war the Americans bombed both Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Because the Japenese bombed Pearl Harbor.

Many died....It ended the war with Japan. Can you be more specific ?

the US got bombed by Japan

Japan bombed Pearl Harbor

World War 2 started when Germany attacked Poland. The U.S. joined the war when we were bombed by Japan.

Pearl Harbour was bombed by the Jaqpenese on December 7, 1941. Pearl Harbour is a Harbour in Hawaii, it did not bomb Japan. Japan bombed it. =)

Japan bombed Pearl Harbor Naval base Hawaii

Because Japan Bombed Pearl Harbor.

It bombed Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

Berlin in Europe Tokyo in Japan

The Japanese bombed pearl harbor

Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, causing the US to declare war on Japan.

World War 2 my friend they bombed two places in japan

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