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Why was the Berlin Wall put up?

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To keep out west Germans and to keep east Germans from escaping communism

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Why did the west Germans put up the Berlin wall?

The East Germans put up the Berlin Wall to keep their citizens from defecting to West Berlin.

When was the Berlin Wall put up and when was it knocked down?

The Berlin Wall was put up in 1961 and torn down in 1989.

Who put up the Berlin wall?

East germany

Why did Joseph Stalin put up the Berlin wall?

He did not. It was put up 8 years after her died.

Why was the Berlin Wall erected in 1965?

I have no idea why the Berlin Wall was erected in 1965. I can tell you that the Berlin Wall they erected in 1961 was put up to keep East Germany's intellectuals from leaving for West Berlin in the middle of the night.

Berlin wall which side was communist?

The people that put the Berlin wall up were communist, east Germany and east Berlin were controlled by the USSR, and were under the communist regime

How long did it take to put the first Berlin wall up?

IT took exactly 5 months to put it up.

What was the date the Berlin Wall officially put up?

13 August 1961.

Who made the rule to put up the Berlin wall?

there was no rule u crazy

Did the soviet union put up the Berlin wall?

Started in 1955-1961

Who was the US president when the Berlin wall was put up?

John F. Kennedy

The Was put up to keep East Germans from fleeing to the west?

the Berlin wall

How long was the Berlin wall up for?

the Berlin wall was up for approximately 20 years

Was the Berlin wall put up after the cold war?

No, the wall was constructed in 1961. The cold war ended in 1989 - when the wall fell.

On what day did the Berlin Wall go up?

The Berlin Wall went up on August 13th 1961 at night.

Is the Berlin Wall still up?


When did the US patrol the Berlin Wall?

The US, the British and the French patrolled the Berlin Wall the entire time it was up.

When was the Berlin Wall put up and when did it fall?

It was built on agust 13, 1961 and it fell on November 9, 1989.

Why is the Berlin wall called the Berlin wall?

because the wall was in the city Berlin

Who was the president of the US during thetime the Berlin wall started construction?

President John F. Kennedy was on the job (August 13, 1961) when the Soviet Union put up the Berlin Wall. He spoke out against it.

What effect did the Berlin Wall have on the cold war?

When the Berlin wall was put up, it made all citizens angry. If you lived in the East, but worked in the West, you couldn't go to work. If you were at work when the rules were established, you couldn't come home. Mind you, the wall was up for nearly 20 years.

When and where did Berlin war start?

The Berlin Airlift was in '62 when the wall went up.

Where was Berlin wall?

The Berlin wall is the middle of Berlin as divider.

Where are the Berlin wall the Great Wall of China?

The Berlin Wall is in Berlin. and guess what the great wall of china is in.. China

How long did the Berlin Wall stay up?

the wall stayed up for almost 30 years