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Why was the Indian subcontinent divided into two nations?


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The Indian subcontinent was divided into two nations for religious reasons. The Hindus and the Muslims could not live in peace so they were divided.


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The subcontinent was divided into two parts - Pakistan and Bharat

The two religions developed in the Indian subcontinent was Hinduism and Buddhism :D

The Himalaya Mountains are part of two nations on the Indian subcontinent. Most of the massive mountain range in in Nepal, but it is also found in Tibet.

The Indian subcontinent divides Indian Ocean into two seas

There are two island nations south of the Indian subcontinent: Maldives to the southwest and Sri Lanka to the southeast.

Hinduism, Islam, Christianity andSikhism are the major religions of Indian subcontinent.

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The main reason that India was divided into two nations in 1947 was religion. India was mostly Hindu and Pakistan was mostly Muslim.

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The Aryans furnished civilization in the Indian subcontinent with many impressive cultural and religious.

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In 1947, the British divided-up the Indian Empire into two nations. Pakistan, which was meant to be a homeland for Muslims living in the Indian Empire and the Union of India which was meant to be a homeland for Hindu's living in the Empire. This was called the partition of India.

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Hindus are the dominant religious group of the Indian Subcontinent. Arabs are the dominant ethnic group of the Middle East and North Africa. The two are entirely unrelated.

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Indian territory was divided into two independent Muslim and Hindu countries

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