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Why was the Mayflower Compact important to the development of democracy in America?

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the mayflower compact was stating that the king and queen couldn't make the laws so it was made as a self governed democracy.

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what cultural movement influenced the development of democracy in America?

It is earliest known written establishment of basic democratic principles by the settlers of the United States of America.

because it is an important peace of america

those were the rules that were for the new settlement (plymoth)

According to my professor, of U. S. History 121, one of the seeds of democracy was the Mayflower Compact

The Mayflower compact was the first agreement, a legislation setting the stage for democracy in America. It is a treasured document showing tolerance yet accountability for America. Lies people

The Mayflower Compact established the principle of majority rule when making decisions for the colony of a civic nature. The House of Burgesses was the first representative body in the New World. It established the idea of an elected assembly to help enact laws for the colony (legislature).

the mayflower ended its voyage to America a.k.a "the new world" in 1622!:)

The Mayflower was a boat that the early settlers of America traveled on. This Mayflower took many months to travel from Europe to North America.

Well, he helped draft the Mayflower Compact en route to America.

the may flower was important because it was the first case self-goverment of America!

Christopher Jones was the captain of the mayflower. The Mayflower was the ship the pilgrims came to America in.

Democracy for America was created in 2004.

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