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That of course was the slang term used by many to describe the area and I am sure it was not an official designation.

The area around and near Montrose and Damen ave. was largely inhabited by people from the south. This might have gone as far north as Lawrence Ave. and generally east of Damen.

i grew up in the 50s around leland and magnolia, from what i remember. people from the south came to Chicago to get a better job(in the south 50 cents as opposed to 2.00 in Chicago) most moved into the near north side area because 1) everybody spoke the same and 2)people who moved back south told about the area, 3)living was cheap, but once you moved there it was very hard to move away because of the cost of living in Chicago so many became imprisoned. back then no one thought about "cost of living" it was "were can i make the most money" some were related but for the most part everybody were related by the area it was quite a place to grow up.

my sis.zee was born on magnolia just a half block off of Wilson ave.about 3 blocks off Broadway and 2 blocks off of montrose.hillbilly heaven was givin the name in an article by either LOOK or LIFE magazine sometime in the mid 50s. i guess i started something with her on this subject. shes on a quest. can someone come up with the article for her? me also maybe.

i agree with the relocation of southern workers theory. in fact, specifically, mining families moved up here for the better wages offered in industrial Chicago. as for why they chose the northside locale? not sure really, but i suspect it was an economic consideration as well. the modern remainder of the old hillbilly heaven is Chicago's only true honky tonk - Carol's Musical Pub. they still do Country Music all week long, still have a dance floor, still serve fried food at long tabels and still offer the best atmosphere for drinking a cold beer over country music in the whole city. for a town that supports a great modern-traditionalist country music scene, and a country-inflected label like Bloodshot Records, this historical aspect is really cool. interested in country music and Chicago? check out that great record label, the great local honky-tonkers, The Hoyle Brothers, and arguably one of the most gifted writers of "country" music working today... Mr. Robbie Fulks. Chicago's country roots are good and deep!

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U.S. Cellular Customer Kent is Kent Rose, a hillbilly/rockabilly singer from the Chicago area who performs originals and classics.

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How do you find pictures or information about apartments on Ashland Avenue or anything on this area of the 1950's?

Try the Sulzer library (lincoln N of Montrose). The have the largest historical photo collection.

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What is the history of North Paulina Street north of Montrose in Chicago?

Well back in the year of i think in the late 1969 that area was run by the latin kings faction right there on montrose and paulina and cullom right in the middle of ravenswood school it was a a tuff neighborhod even with nice homes in the neighborhood it was a battle ground with the Latin Eagles that had there turf by lakeview highschool when school was in session you had the Simon city royals by ravenswood and irvingpark street and the gaylords east of montrose and clark.There was a ice cream shop on the corner of montrose and ashland called doctor jazz in the 70 but was closed down i think in the early or late 80 when 2 kids was gun down while eating ice cream in the place i think the gang the was responciable was the latin eagles or the Simon city royals.Montrose and Paulina was really ruff in them days Answer That area of Paulina was where I grew up. Back from 1970 thru 1990, the area was rough and on a downward spiral. The aforementioned gangs did exist, but are long gone. My best friend still lives on Hermitage and Montrose and has seen that area gentrify to the point where there are now million dollar properties there. I believe the gang members from back then are either in Jail or dead. There is a "Gaylords" website that I found. Its actually rather well put together. Oh by the way we, The Chase Park Boys" owned the Chase Park-Our Lady of Lourdes area back then. Most of us are now cops. Go figure......

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