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The Ottoman Empire, prior to its demise in WW I, was notoriously corrupt, badly managed, impoverished, and backward. Some or all of these traits linger in some middle eastern countries which were formerly part of the Ottoman Empire. I should also mention that although the Ottoman Empire was predominant middle eastern, it did extend into Europe - and even today, the nation of Turkey, which was the administrative center of the Ottoman Empire, does extend into Europe, and wishes to join the European Union, although its chances do not look good.

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In the early twentieth century the Ottoman Empire was referred to as the?

sick man of Europe.

When was the end of the Ottoman Empire?

it 1492 __ The Ottoman Empire finally came to an end in 1922 after a long, slow decline. It was referred to as "the sick man of Europe" because of it's stagnation and decline.

What is nickname of Ottoman Empire?

The sick man of Europe.

The sick man of Europe was a term applied to?

'The Sick Man of Europe' was the nickname applied to the Ottoman Empire in the second half of the 19th century (1850 onwards)Penn Foster answer: (TURKEY) "Modern day Of the Ottoman Empire"

How did the ottoman empire become know as the 'Sick Man of Europe'?

from the war being through all the years Tsar Nicolas I called the Ottoman Empire "The Sick Man of Europe" Since during Nicolas I's reign Russia and the Ottoman Empre were at war.

What was the nickname of the Ottoman Empire before World War 1?

The Sick Man of Europe

What empire was dubbed sick men of Europe?

The Ottoman empire, which consisted of Greece, Serbia, and other small regions.

Why is Turkey called the sick country of Europe?

Before the modern state of Turkey was formed after World War I, it was the Ottoman Empire. Towards the end of its existence, the Ottoman Empire was called the Sick Man of Europe because it was losing a lot of wars and the territory it once controlled.

What country was known as the sick man of Europe during world war 1?

Turkey (the Ottoman Empire).

How powerful was the Ottoman Empire compared to other empires of the time?

It depends on the century the question refers to. In the 16th Century, the Ottoman Empire was the most powerful empire west of China. In the 19th Century, the Ottoman Empire was one of the weakest empires in the world and called the "Sick Man of Europe".

Why is turkey called sick man of Europe?

Turkey was called the Sick Man of Europe in the early part of the 20th century. This was because the Ottoman Empire was crumbling and the nation was not doing well economically.

What happened in the Ottoman War between 1914 and 1930?

During this time period, the Ottoman Empire was increasingly getting weaker and weaker. It's nickname was even called the "Sick Man of Europe". Every country in Europe knew that the Ottoman Empire was on its last legs and that it was only a matter of time until it collapsed, which it did after World War I.

Which country is called sick man of Europe?

The term was first applied to the Ottoman Empire. That would now be where modern Turkey is and some of the other areas of south-eastern Europe .

Who destroyed the Ottoman Empire?

The Ottoman Empire was the sick man of Europe during World War I. A group of Young Turks had tried to make changes in the government before World War I. The Ottoman Empire had lost territory to new nations. The Turks killed many of the Armenians to cleanse the country of non Turks. Finally Attaturk took over and modernized Turkey as a new nation.

What three states declined in Central Europe in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries?

Poland ceased to exist, the Holy Roman Empire declined because of the thirty years war, and Sweden (not 100% sure, is this central Europe?) Also, the Ottoman Empire experienced a great decline as the "sick man" of Europe.

Which country was known as the 'sick man of Europe'?

The original "sick man of Europe" was the country of Turkey (then the Ottoman Empire), during the middle of the 19th century. The country was described as being sick, or decrepit, by Russian tsar Nicholas I around 1853, primarily because of its internal financial disarray, and its failures in several wars.

Which country is known as sick man of Europe today?

In April 2007, The Economist described Portugal as "a new sick man of Europe" Also in 2007 a report prepared by Morgan Stanley referred to France as the "new sick man of Europe"

What nickname was given to the Turkish empire to show its weakness?

Sick man of Europe

How did nationalism with the ottoman empire come into play during the war?

The groups of people living within the ottoman empire who were of different ethnicities were sick and tired of being under one name, so people took the idea of nationalism and began creating their own countries.

Who were the anzacs emeny?

The Turks from the Ottoman Empire (now called Turkey). Nicknames you might hear for the Turks include: - Jacko. - Johnno. - Johnny. - The "Sick Man".

Who was dubbed the sickmen of Europe?

"Sick man of Europe" is a nickname that has been used to describe a European country experiencing a time of economic difficulty and/or impoverishment. The term was first used in the mid-19th century to describe the Ottoman Empire, but has since been applied at one time or another to nearly every other mid-to-large-sized country in Europe. At the moment it is Greece that holds the label.

What were the conditions of north Africa before the imperialism?

Before imperialism, most of the north Africa's region belonged to ottoman empire, despite it being the " sick man of Europe". barbary pirates operated off the coast of north Africa. this gave a excuse fr franch to intervene in north Africa.

Why was Turkey known as the sick man of Europe?

The term was applied to the Ottoman Empire around 1853 by tsar Nicholas I of Russia, referring to the impoverishment of the Turkish region, and its failures in several wars. Financial disarray affected the empire for most of the next 70 years, leading to its partition and occupation following World War I. The Turks again fought the Allies and established the Republic of Turkey in 1923.

What are the people like in Europe?

They were very sick in Europe.

Why was to Ottoman empire often referred to as The sick Man of Europe before World War 1?

Due to a cultural set of mores that was not seen as productive. Also, they were completely behind in many fields of technology, industry, education, production and much else that what was a modern Europe appeared to be excelling at. The cultural legacy of the ottomans when contrasted withal any European power state is equal or more illustrious. What appeared as a childish fear of technologists now being heeded as a sound concern for all the steps we have taken toward a modern existence have robbed us of the simple, pleasurable human existence and set one and all upon a path of indentured servitude from birth....