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Why was the Virgin Queen given this title?

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She remained unmarried for her 45 year reign.

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What where nicknames given to queen Elizabeth the 1st?

She was known as Good Queen Bess, but her main title was The Virgin Queen, because she did not marry.

Was Queen Elizabeth 1 a virgin?

yes. Well, only technically. Officially she was because moral and religious values at the time utterly forbade sex outside of wedlock and the Queen was never married, which has given rise to the title of "Virgin Queen." In reality, it is almost certain that she was not a virgin.

Why did Queen Elizabeth call herself a virgin queen?

Queen Elizabeth I (1533 -1603) was given the nickname "The Virgin Queen" because she did not marry or have children.

What title is Esther given?


Why was this name given to the colony?

To honor Queen Elizabeth I also known as the Virgin Queen.

What was the name given to Elizabeth I?

The Virgin Queen, also Good Queen Bess, both laudatory.

What title was given to Persephone?

Queen of the Dead, Goddess of the Underworld, Queen of Hades.

What were the three nick names given to elizabeth 1?

The Virgin Queen

Does Madonna mean Mother Mary?

'Madonna' is Italian for "My Lady," so it is a title for the Virgin Mary.

How was Virginia's name chosen?

"Virginia" was a title for Queen Elizabeth who never got married and claimed that she was a virgin. The state was named after the queen.

Who does the title Our Lady Of Lourdes refer to?

The title of Our Lady of Lourdes is the title given to the Virgin Mary. The name was introduced after the Marian apparitions, where a number of people around Lourdes claimed to have seen the Virgin Mary.

Is Our Lady of Guadalupe a saint?

Our Lady of Guadalupe is a title given the Blessed Virgin Mary in Mexico, The Virgin mary is a saint.

Who has been given the title queen of peace?

elizibeth 11

What is an Anagram for Virgin Queen?

Virgin queen: enquivering

Where is Queen ElizabethI's husband buried?

Could be wrong, but given she was called 'The Virgin Queen', I'm guessing she didn't have a husband.

Was Queen Victoria called the virgin queen?

No she was not, the virgin Queen was Elizabeth the First

Who is very important to Virginia?

The "virgin queen" Queen Elizibeth The "virgin queen" Queen Elizibeth

Who is given the title sorrowful mother?

The title sorrowful mother was given to Virgin Mary a nun. Her devotion was to please the lord she was the salvation mother of our savior Jesus Christ.

What title was given to kate and William by the queen?

duke and duchess of cambridge

What is Kate Midleton's new official title?

Her new official title is Duchess of Cambridge. It was given to her by the Queen.

What title is given to the queen of Egypt?

In Ancient Egypt, both males and females took the title of PHARAOH.

How was Elizabeth the virgin queen?

Queen Elizabeth I was known as The Virgin Queen as she did not marry or have children.

Why is Queen Elizabeth's husband just a prince and not king?

Because the title 'King' outranks the title of 'Queen'. Elizabeth is Queen Regnant, meaning she is not Queen through marriage etc... but Queen in her own right. Phillip is not a King in his own right, and therefore he is given the lesser title of 'Prince Consort'.

What was the title the king and queen give Columbus?

He was given the "Admiral of the Ocean Sea".

Why was Queen Elizabeth known as the virgin queen?

Queen Elizabeth was known as the virgin queen because she never got married.