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The Virginia, or, more commonly, the Merrimack, was the Confederate ironclad built from the hull of the previously damaged Merrimack Confederate warship. The Confederates raised the former Merrimack and sheared off the masts. They then covered the deck with two layers of sheet iron. A huge ram was attached, and the Virginia was then armed with no less than fifteen cannon. Starting with no navy at all, the south had seized the initiative and forged the most powerful naval weapon in history.

Saturday March 8th was wash day for the U.S. Navy, and all ships were unprepared for the onslaught. The Merrimack slid into the harbor, and headed straight for the U.S.S. Cumberland. Although the Cumberland opened fire, the shots bounced harmlessly off. Soon after it sank in shallow water.

After the Cumberland, the U.S.S. Congress was set on fire, and the U.S.S. Minnesota was driven aground. After this the Virginia fell back for the night.

In response to the Merrimack, the controversial Monitor was given birth. The Union's Monitor was also sheathed in iron. It's decks barely cleared the water. A revolving gun turret was installed amidships. Over 48 patented inventions were forged on the Monitor, which quickly overshadowed the achievement of the Merrimack.

March 9th, the Merrimack returned, but the Union ironclad, the Monitor , was waiting. The two dueled for five hours until the Merrimack k ran aground and lost it's ram. The ships were so close, they collided 5 times in the fury. The Merrimack then fled, leaving the Monitor as victor.

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Q: Why was the battle of the ironclads important?
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Why was the battle of the ironclads so important?

It signed the unstoppable decline of wooden battleships' age.

Who won ironclads battle?

The South won this battle.

Who won battle of ironclads?

The South won this battle.

Who were the generals in the battle of the ironclads?

Ironclads are boats. Admirals usually command navies, not generals.

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The battle of ironclads.

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Jake nowry

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No, no civilians were killed in the battle of the ironclads. The battle was very long and tiresome, but because both ships were built so tough, neither were severly damaged!

What happened during the battle of the ironclads?

monitor and merrimac were in a draw

What were ironclads used for during the civil war?

Naval battle

Who was the union general at the battle of ironclads?

the confederacy i think

The battle of the Monitor and the Merrimack was the first ever between?

It was the first naval battle between two ironclads.