Why was the hydrogen bomb built?

Updated: 9/13/2023
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The hydrogen bomb was built because it is more powerful then the atomic bomb. The atomic bomb was the type used on Japan and as bad as those were, hydrogen bombs are even more powerful. Nuclear weapons are very controversial. Most countries want them but they don't want anyone else to have them. The US claims the reason they developed such powerful weapons is a deterrent. The idea is no one will dare attack you if you have such weapons. The atomic bombs used on Japan were very controversial even in the US. Some congress men didn't think it was right to use them on civilians. The reason they did was President Truman and others thought it was the lesser of two evils. They believed the Japanese would fight on for a long time which would kill many more people in the long run then the bombs would. No one knows if that would have been true or not but the bombs did end the war very fast. Japan had little choice but to surrender immediately. Now days that there are several countries with nuclear weapons we have what is called MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction). Both sides are afraid of war because both sides would be destroyed no one would really win. This was the state between the USSR and the US. It may actually have prevented war all these years, because everyone is afraid of the consequences. Hopefully no crazy dictator will get his hands on one and deiced to use it.

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Q: Why was the hydrogen bomb built?
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What is the difference between a hydrogen bomb and an Uranium bomb and which one is more powerful?

Hydrogen bomb gets some of its energy from fusion, uranium or plutonium bomb gets all of it from fission. Either can be more powerful, depending on the design. The most powerful bombs built have all been hydrogen bombs.

Is the nuclear bomb more powerful than the hydrogen bomb?

Nuclear bomb can mean either fission or fusion bomb. Hydrogen bomb means fusion bomb. The fusion bomb can be built with any yield one wants, just by adding more stages with more fuel. The fission bomb has a theoretical maximum yield that cannot be exceeded.

Which is more destructive a nuclear bomb or a hydrogen bomb?

the hydrogen bomb, is a nuclear bomb

What is degree of destroy that hydrogen bomb can do?

What size of Hydrogen Bomb? How many megatons? the biggest size of hydrogen bomb can done ...........

What is the different between atomic bomb and hydrogen bombs?

A hydrogen bomb is an atom bomb; just one that uses hydrogen.

How hydrogen bomb is the biggest bomb?

A hydrogen bomb (fusion bomb) can give unlimited yield because it is built in "stages". Just keep adding additional stages until you reach the yield you want.A fission bomb has a theoretical max yield of about 1MTon (500KTon is largest built and tested).Both kinds of bombs can be built with yields as low as 1KTon or less! Both kinds of bombs can be built with weights from under 100 pounds to several 10,000s of pounds.Read Richard Rhodes books: The Making Of The Atomic Bomband Dark Sun.

What bomb was made after the A-bomb?

The Hydrogen bomb.

What bomb was invented after the a-bomb?

The Hydrogen Bomb .

What is an h-bomb?

hydrogen bomb

Who was using the hydrogen bomb?

the hydrogen bomb has never been used in war

What was hydrogen bomb?

A bomb that splits a hydrogen atom, which literally explodes the air.

What is the most giant hydrogen bomb?

The 50 Megaton "Tsar Bomba" hydrogen bomb tested by the USSR in 1961 is the strongest hydrogen bomb ever detonated. The 10 Megaton "Ivy Mike" hydrogen bomb tested by the U.S. in 1952 is the physically largest hydrogen bomb ever detonated.