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Q: Why was whear a suitable crop to grow on the great plains?
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What is the great plains main crop?


What is important to the great plain area?

Wheat is a crop important to the Great Plains.

Why was wheat a suitable crop to grow on the great plains?

Wheat is able to withstand drought better than corn and some other crops!Wheat became as important to the great plains as cotton become to the South!

What types of crops are grown at the great plains?

Corn, wheat, barely, sorghum, soybeans, lentils, and field peas are some crops that are grown on the Great Plains. and way more things and they were all good for your body system

An important crop of the Great Plains area is what?

cotton fool:)

What crop grown in the northern Great Plains of the USA supplies us with sugar?


What were some disadvantages of farming on the Great Plains in the late 1800s?

The answer is "There were frequent crop failures due to lack of rain."

What was life like on the plains during the Great Depression?

During the Great Depression years, in the Dust Bowl states, located in the Great Plains, dust and dirt 'devoured' many crops leaving farmers without adequate earnings and crop yields.

Mennonite immigrants from Ukraine are credited with the introduction of what crop to the Great Plains?

The Mennonite settlers brought with them hard winter wheat. It was better adapted to the dry growing conditions of the Great Plains than were the wheat strains grown there earlier.

Why did wheat have an advantage on the Great Plains?

Wheat had an advantage on the Great Plains because it grew successively in the open fields. It was also considered a hardy crop that could last through many weather conditions, which is why it has been grown for millennia.

Why is corn important to the central plains?

because it is the most important crop in the central plains

What crop is important to the central plains area?