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Q: Why we have to measure compression wave and shear wave?
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Is a P-wave also known as a Compression Wave or a Shear Wave?

A P-wave is also known as a compression or pressure wave.

What is the measure from one compression to the next compression of a longitudinal wave?


How do you measure the compression of a longitudinal wave?


What is a shear wave?

a shear wave is a wave that moves perpendicular throuth the earth in the form of an earthquake

In a compression wave the amount of compression is like the what of a transverse wave?

The amount of compression of a compression wave is like the amplitude of a transverse wave.

Are shear waves and seismic waves the same?

A shear wave is a type of seismic wave.

What makes a compression wave?

compression wave is a wave like a sound wave

What are two names for the s wave?

Secondary wave or shear wave

What is another name for s wave?

Secondary wave

What is the difference between a compressional wave and a shear wave?

A shear wave is a see-through wave that has value. A compressioanl wave is a heavy full thick wave that has tangible material and is said to have much value.

Why are s waves also called transverse waves?

A little background first. When an earthquake wave arrives at a seismograph station, the first wave to hit is called the P wave. The second is called the S wave. It turns out that the P wave is a compression wave and the S wave is a shear wave. A compression wave is a direct shove (or tug) parallel to the direction the wave is traveling. A shear wave is a side-to-side shake at right angles to the direction the wave is traveling; transverse to the travel direction, in other words. Therefore the S wave is also known as a transverse wave. The letters P and S actually come from the Latin for First and Second, "primus" and 'secundus." The English "primary" and "secondary" doesn't quite have the same meaning, but it will help you remember which arrives when. "Push" and "Shear" or "Shake" will help you remember which kind of wave has which kind of motion. The time between the P and S wave occurs because the compression wave travels through the Earth faster than the shear wave does. Since the shear wave is slower, the further you are from the epicenter of the earthquake the longer the time between the P and S waves. Seismologists use this to determine how far the epicenter was from the seismograph. And by using distances from three or more seismometer stations at once, they can find the earthquake's epicenter. Another neat thing about the P and S waves is that a compression wave will go through a fluid like water or air, while a shear wave won't. Because S waves won't go through the outer layers of the Earth's core, we know that those layers are liquid.

Is a water wave a compression wave?

my answer is no

What is shear vane?

Shear vane is a tool used to measure the shear strength of soil.

Is a compression wave a gas liquid or solid?

A compression wave is not matter, it is a transference of energy.

What is a complete compression and rarefaction in a longitudinal wave?

When you have the complete compression and rarefaction of a longitudinal wave, that is one complete wave.

What are the three types of stresses?

compression, tension, and shear stresses

What are the 3 kinds of stress in rocks?

Tension, compression and shear.

What are the three kinds of stress in the Earth?

Compression, tension and shear.

Can rock undergo compression tension and shear stress?

yes it can

What is a compression in a wave?

its were the most energy in the wave is

What type of wave is sound?

A compression wave.

Is a sonic wave a longitudinal wave?

No, a compression-rarefaction wave.

Which direction is the particle motion in shear waves relative to the energy of the wave?

The particle motion in shear waves relative to the energy of the wave is downward.

What is an AlfvΓ©n wave?

An Alfvén wave is a hydromagnetic shear wave in a charged plasma.

Is a sound wave a compression wave?

yes a sound wave is a Compressional wave