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The Ancient Greeks were referred as polytheistic because they believed in more than one God and Goddess. For the list of Greek Gods and Goddesses go here:

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Basically because they had so many things to explain, and they didn't want to dump it all on one god?

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It was normal. All ancient religions, except for Judaism, were polytheistic.

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Q: Why were ancient Romans polytheistic?
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Did the Ancient Romans have gods?

Yes, the Ancient Romans were polytheistic and believed in many deities.

Who did the ancient Romans worship?

The religion of the Romans/Latins was polytheistic, which means that it had many gods. The Romans worshiped a very large number of gods. This was because that is how it was. Ancient religions were polytheistic.

Were Romans monotheistic or polytheistic?

thye wer defnitlie monotheitsci cuz they liikd multpile gods!@!!

What main religion did Italy have?

The Ancient Romans who lived in Italy had the Ancient Roman Religion, it was polytheistic and didn't have an official name.

What is The religion of Romans?

The Romans were Idolaters, having a wide range of deities or an pantheon of gods. As was with most conquers preceding them them also adopted what they considered the good parts of the religions of the people they conquered. Even the Emperor was considered a deity and statuized.

What does polytheiatic mean?

If you mean polytheistic, then it is the belief in multiple gods existing in a pantheon. Such as the gods of the ancient Greeks or Romans.

Were ancient Aztecs polytheistic?

yes they were polytheistic!

Were the ancient Egyptians polytheistic or monotheistic?

The an kent egyptians were polytheistic

What are the belief of the roman empire?

If by belief you mean religion, the Romans had their own religion. Like most ancient religions, it was polytheistic, it had many goods. As for the empire, the conquered peoples had their own religions. The Romans respected their religions and allowed their worship. Apart for Judaism, they also were polytheistic.

Were the ancient Egyptians monotheisitic or polytheistic?

the ancient egyptians were polytheistic. they believed in many gods.

Describe the religion of ancient egypt were Egyptians polytheistic or monotheistic who were their main gods-?

Ancient Egypt was a polytheistic culture. In fact, the Egyptians believe in several Gods like the Greeks and Romans. This included the Sun God, along with the Goddess of Felines and other figures.

Was Ancient Rome Polytheist or monotheist?

Ancient Rome was by and large polytheistic. The Romans saw themselves as being a very religious people,. They thought that Rome was such a successful world power because of their piety as a people and because they were on good terms with their gods.