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A thorough answer will depend on which ancient people, e.g Greek, Egyptian, Roman? In any case, the ancient gods gave people reasons for unanswered phenomena in nature and gave the people someone to worship and strive to be like and to please. The gods also allowed for societies to grow on the bases of fear of the wrath of the gods and making them unhappy.

To all ancient countries , gods were protectors and providers. They would also bring luck to the people in war, and everyday life. gods could also bring harvest, good fortune and happiness.

Remember that all societies and all individuals within those societies are different and find different individual needs important. You should easily be able to answer this question yourself. Although, we are all different, we still share the commonality of not knowing everything--for instance, what happens after we die--i.e. need for an answer, which usually comes nicely packaged in religious context from your local civilization/ruler/society. I would say that across the board, people from every time and every walk of life feel the need to know where they come from and where they will end up. The vast majority of people are either taught or pick a belief system that eases, or for the "truly" faithful (hmm), answers that need to know. So simply ask why or why not is the particular god you were taught to believe in important to you. Your answer is the answer

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Q: Why were gods important to ancient peoples?
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Why were temples so important to the ancient Romans?

Temples were important in all the ancient religions of all ancient peoples, not just that of the Romans. They were dedicated to a god, two gods, or a trinity of gods. They were the places where the gods were worshipped. A particular kind of temple, the pantheon, was dedicated to all gods.

Why were gods so important to the Ancient Egyptians?

Gods were important to Ancient Egyptians for the same reason God is important to people today

Who came up with the idea of God or Gods or Goddesses?

Ancient peoples.

How is Zeus important in ancient Greece?

because he is gods of gods

Who is the discover of the magnet?

Ancient peoples discovered lodestone (which is magnetic). The ancient Egyptians and Greeks thought it was a gift from the gods.

Why were gods important to the ancient Greeks?

All people have one god or many gods. They are important.

What was the significance of the Greek gods to the ancient Greeks?

Their gods were as important to them as ours is to us.

Which gods and goddesses were important to the ancient Egyptians?

The Gods were important because they controlled everything dum ahh they said which

Why were the gods so important to the ancient greeks?

The Greek Gods were important to the greeks because they were they're gods. Just like God or Allah or Buddah is important to the modern society.

Why were gods so important to ancient egyptiant?

they had powers

In what way were the greek gods different from the gods of other ancient people?

Very little - everyone had gods which covered all aspects of life it was just that they were given different names by local peoples.

Why do you think the study of ancient peoples is important?

The study of anciant peoples is important because that way we can learn from the mistakes people made then.

Why were the gods and goddesses important to ancient Romans?

Greek and Roman gods were as important to them as our God or gods are to us today. They worshipped them a lot and always tried to please them.

What gods were the most important to the ancient Egyptians?

The most important god was "Ra".

How important where the gods of ancient Greece to the ancient greek citezens?

They were everything to them. Like really.

How important were the greek gods to the civilization?

Think about how important God is in our society. It was no different for the Ancient Greeks, they just had more gods to which to pray.

Why was it so important to win the ancient olympic games?

It was so important to win the ancient olympic games because they became so famous that they were like gods. It was so important to win the ancient olympic games because they became so famous that they were like gods.

Why were the ancient Egyptians gods so important?

cause they ruled

Who were the most important people of the ancient Egyptians?

the gods, Cleopatra

Are the Greek gods still as important today?

They were gods to the ancient Greeks. To the Greeks and all other Christian people the ancient Greek gods are just interesting stories (not least to Rick Riordan).

The most important god in ancient Rome?

Jupiter or Jove was the king of the gods, but the Romans embraced most religions by the people under their domain; the main exceptions being the Christian and the Jewish peoples, who did not recognize other gods. Romans considered monotheists to be antisocial.

Why did they have gods during Ancient Egyptian times?

In ancient Egyptian times gods were important. The pharaoh was thought to be the descendant of a god to the Egyptians. They thought they were on earth to please the gods and that's what they did worshiped and built large pyramids to worship their gods.

Why was Ra so important to the ancient Egyptians?

Ra was the king of gods

Why were Olympic games important in ancient Greece?

They wanted to worship their gods.

Who are the two most important ancient Egyptian Gods?

One was Ra