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There was no law that banned microwave ovens in the old Soviet Union, William Kopp made this up for his article many years ago. Several debunkers have trawled the USSR legal code without success trying to find the law - or the law that repealed it during perestroika.

One argument goes that if even the Soviets banned microwave ovens, and we all know how evil the Soviets were, then surely microwave ovens must be bad. It is in the same boat as the allegation that the Nazis invented microwave ovens. They didn't (if they had cavity magnetrons available, they would have done what the British did and built accurate high frequency radar sets).

Evil inventors developing something that even the evil Soviet empire had to ban, how effective that is as anti microwave oven Propaganda.

The question is valid given the sheer bulk of comment on the internet, but the simple truth is that microwave ovens were not banned in the old USSR. Urban Myth. No evidence whatsoever to support it.

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Q: Why were microwaves banned in Russia?
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