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Why were the Anzacs sent to Gallipoli?

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Why did the Anzacs land at Gallipoli onThe attack on Gallipoli was one of the more imaginative strategies of the First World War.

The German army had delivered a crushing blow to Russia at Tannenberg at the start of the war and had been driving eastwards. The Russians were threatened by a Turkish advance through the Caucasus and appealed to their allies for assistance. Gaining control of the Dardanelles would re-establish communications with Russia and release wheat and shipping locked in the Black Sea by Turkey.

Besides this, British strategists had for many years before the war believed that the best defence of Egypt and the Suez Canal was an attack on Turkey.

The British Royal Navy could have gone a long way towards achieving these goals by steaming through the Dardanelles straits in November 1914 and shelling Constantinople (now Istanbul) and perhaps putting the government to flight. Instead, they cautiously tested the range of the Turkish guns by bombarding the shore batteries.

The Turkish commanders immediately became aware of their vulnerability to further attacks and strengthened their defenses to include carefully laid minefields, well-sited guns and searchlights that swept the narrows at night.

Three months later, a British and French fleet that included 18 battleships, attempted to force its way through to Constantinople. Three capital ships were lost and three crippled.

Unknown to the Allies, the Turkish gun batteries had almost exhausted their ammunition supplies in this effort, and the fleet could have sailed on through the straits with little further damage. Instead, the naval commanders came to the conclusion that they could not force their way through the Dardanelles unless troops were first sent to occupy the Gallipoli Peninsula in force to silence the Turkish guns. Planning for the landing of troops on Gallipoli commenced.

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Did the anzacs win the war of Gallipoli?

No. Gallipoli was a major defeat for the Anzacs.

What month and year did the ANZACS withdraw from Gallipoli?

The ANZACs withdrew from Gallipoli in December 1915.

When did the ANZACs arrive at gallipoli?

the anzacs landed at gallipoli on the 25th of April 1915 they arrived at 4.30am

Did the Anzacs fight with the Germans at Gallipoli?

At Gallipoli the Anzacs fought with the Ottoman Turks who were allies of the Central powers.

Why were the ANZACS sent to invade the Gallipoli Peninsula?

The ANZACS were sent to invade the Gallipoli Peninsula to provide a strong-enough force to secure a trade route through which the Allies could deliver supplies to Russia. An ANZAC is a member of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps.

What did the anzacs sleep in at gallipoli?

the anzacs wouldn't sleep somet

Where did the ANZACs train before they went to Gallipoli?

The ANZACs trained at Cairo, in Egypt before they went to fight in Gallipoli.

How many anzacs died on the first day of the gallipoli campaign?

300 anzacs died on the first day of the gallipoli campaign

Did the anzacs win at gallipoli?

Not exactly

Why did the anzacs go to gallipoli?

To fight

Where did the anzacs sleep at gallipoli?

In the trenches.

How did the Anzacs get to the Gallipoli peninsula?

say what?

How did the anzacs get their horses to gallipoli?

on a boat

Where did Australian troops go before being sent to gallipoli?

The ANZACS went to Cairo on December 4th, 1914 so they could train and prepare for what was ahead in Gallipoli.

Who won in Gallipoli - the ANZACs or the Turks?

There was no victory for the ANZACs in Turkey. Sadly, the entire Gallipoli campaign was a failure for everyone but the Turks.

Where did the Anzacs land in gallipoli?

The ANZACs landed at ANZAC Cove, which was previously known as Ari Birun. It was renamed shortly after the Gallipoli landings.

How many australians survived gallipoli?

how many anzacs survied gallipoli

How many anzacs went to gallipoli?

8,000 Anzacs including 275 Aboriginals

What were the conditions and the food that the ANZACs had in Gallipoli?

It was summer in the time the Anzacs were on the Gallipoli Peninsula, so the weather was hot and dry. There was lack of water. They ate mostly bully beef, Ticklers jam and hard tack. Their food was sometimes supplemented by parcels sent from home.

How long were the anzacs at gallipoli?

They were at gallipoli for 8 months battling in trench warfare

Whom did the anzacs fight at gallipoli?


Where did the Anzacs do their training before Gallipoli?


Which nation did the anzacs fight at gallipoli?


Who won in Gallipoli the Anzac's or the Turks?

not the anzacs

What date and time did the Anzacs land in Gallipoli?

The ANZACs landed in Gallipoli on 25 April 1915, just before dawn - around 4:30am.