Why were the Germans defeated by the Russian Winter?

The Germans were defeated by the Russians and the Russian winter for several reasons. First, Germany lacked the manpower to fight the Soviet Union. Germany at the start of Operation Barbarossa had roughly 3 million troops compared to the Soviet Union who had about 7 million troops ready. Second, Germany lacked sufficient resources for a long war with the Soviet Union. Third, Germany was so confident in victory and the short time it would take that the German High Command did not issue winter clothing to the German Army. Fourth, Russia was used to winter warfare. Their equipment was durable under the harshest conditions and the average Russian soldier had better winter clothing then their German counterpart. Finally, the Soviet Union was able to vastly outproduce the Germans in everything from manpower, tanks, rifles, planes and artillery. To go into detail would take a long time but those are the basic reasons why Germany was defeated by the Russians and their winter.