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European colonists had other uses for the land.

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What were the two reasons that the Native Americans were removed from their homelands?

Native Americans were removed from their homelands for profit. Their lands were taken to be transferred to private ownership so that farms, mines and other things of that nature could be used.

How did colonists undermine traditional native american agriculture and hunting?

The colonists didnâ??t want to follow the Native American ways for farming or hunting. Instead they wanted to use the native hunting land for farming, and plant crops from their homelands.

Explain the Native American response to westward expansion between 1790 and 1815. Why did their attempts to preserve their homelands fail?

The Native Americans attempted to preserve their homelands from westward expansion, but would not succeed because there was a lack of unity, lack of leadership, and a diminishing culture.

Were there problems with the Native Americans in colonial Delaware?

There were problems with some of the Native American Indians in Colonial Delaware. The Native Americans did not like being treated as slaves or having to move from their homelands to accommodate the Colonists.

Most of the terrible decimation of the native american population after 1500 resulted from?

Most of the decimation of the Native American population after 1500 resulted from the need for more and more land. The Colonists and others came to America and literally pushed the Native Americans off of their homelands.

What is the social commentary being made in One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest?

It comments on the hostality and insane nature of Native Americans after having been removed from their homelands.

Why did many native Americans serve with the south?

Many native American resented the Federal Government for the forced deportation of the five civilized tribes (known as the "trail of tears") from their homelands in the southeast states.

What negative effects did colonization have on Native American people?

Many native American tribes were ousted from their homelands or persecuted to extinction or near-extinction by the colonists. Europeans also brought diseases that were formerly confined to the Old World. Native Americans had not developed the resistance to these diseases and many died.

What land was Native Americans forced to move to?

Native Americans were moved from their homelands to less desirable areas of the USA.

What did the Mormons effect have on the Indians?

Some Native American tribes got along well with the Mormon pioneers and others did not. For the most part, the Native Americans were willing to help the pioneers because they too had be driven from their homelands. A pretty large Native American population was baptized into the Mormon Church, and today outreach among Native Americans continues.

What are some way that harmed native people?

Native American here were mostly killed off by the diseases that they never saw before. About 85-90% died of smallpox and the plague. Many were driven from their homelands by ranchers and farmers.

What are the five native homelands of the Tenerife dragon tree?

Tenerife is the only native home of Draceana draco the dragon tree.

How did the explorers help native Americans?

In the long run, explorers did little to help, and more to hurt the Native Americans. Diseases were introduced that led to decimation within Native American culture. They also led to all Native Americans being pushed from their homelands. Really, all they did in a positive way for them is to trade.

The trail of tears is the name for?

the forced removal of American Indians from their homelands.

Which people were forcibly removed from their native land in FLorida?

ummm..... idk hahaha i need the answer myself NEW RESPONDENT The Native American Tribe of the Seminoles.

Can someone be Native American and a Native American?

If they are born a Native American they can be, but if not,no.

How did Andrew Jackson justify the Indian removal act?

He used Manfest Destiny as an excuse and this act spelled the end of Native American rights. They were forced to assimilate and concede to US law or leave their homelands.

What are some negatives about Andrew Jackson?

he led the trail of tears and removed every native American he posibly could :(

What is a native American called when they return home after school?

Assimilated. The US passed laws that all Native American children of school age be removed from their families and placed in Indian residential schools for the purpose of assimilation.

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