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The colonies of Africa and Asia belonged to the nations fighting WWI. Naturally, those colonies aided their mother country on the path to Victory. Also, some colonies (such as German Tanganyika) had soldiers stationed in the region. They fought and invaded their enemy's colonies and colonial forces.

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Q: Why were the colonies of Asia and Africa drawn into ww1?
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What was a direct result of ww1?

Germany lost it colonies in Africa and Asia.

What did European colonies in Africa Asia and the pacific want after ww1?

because of georgia

How did imperlism in Africa and Asia lead to ww1?

Too many countries wanted to colonise in Africa and Asia so they fought. Thus, the outbreak of WW1

Did allied forces occupie the German colonies in Africa?

Germany lost her African colonies after WW1 so there were no colonies to occupy in WW2.

How did the colony in Africa feel after WW1?

Most colonies probably felt the same, except the German colonies had all become Mandates of the UK, France or Belgium.

How was Gremany drawn in to World War 1?

Germany STARTED ww1; A German prince started it, a son of Queen Victoria. I dont know how he started the war, but is was probably to establish new colonies.

Where was WW1?

Mainly Europe. But the allies and central powers colonies fought each other in Africa. A big part of the war was fought in the middle East at Gallipoli, Turkey

What was the population of Asia before the WW1?

101436 people

Why did Australia Serve in World War 1?

Mostly because it was part of the British Empire - it was a British colony. For the same reason, troops from all across Asia and Africa also served in WW1.

How did colonialism in Asia and Africa contribute to the outbreak of World War 1?

too many countries wanted to colonize in Africa and Asia so they fought. thus, the outbreak of cookie monsters revenge.

What did Germany have to gain from entering World War 1?

WW1 gave them a chance to get more colonies by taking land off other people. they wanted land because they felt they had missed out when everyone was getting africa.

Was the scramble of africa a cause of world war 1?

No, the so called scramble for Africa was not a cause of WW1.