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== == In terms of the Holocaust, their blood was seen as "dirty," just as any darker, swarthy ethnic group was viewed. They were unlike the "pure" fair-skinned Aryan race, and therefore persecuted in order to keep their bloodlines and influence out of German culture. ___ Actually, the gypsies migrated to Europe from northern India had a better claim to be "Aryan" than any other group. The main reasons for prejudice were: * In parts of eastern and central Europe gypsies were the only ethnic group that could be owned as slaves (about 1600-1850). * They were thought to lead a nomadic existence. * Non-gypsies knew very little about them.

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Q: Why were the gypsies mistreated and disliked?
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Who were held in the World War 2 concentration camps?

Primarily Jews, but also Gypsies, homosexuals, communists, and others whom the Nazis disliked.

What did the Nazis do to the Gypsies?

the Nazis regarded gypsies as 'untermenschen' or inferior people. they were disliked because they were not racially german, and they were seen as antisocial and unproductive because of their unsettled lifestyle. in this way they challenged the nazi ideal of national community. in 1939 about a million gypsies lived in Europe, with 30,000 in germany. by the end of the war, the Nazis had murdered 200,000 of them.

What people were targeted by Nazis?

The Nazis hated the Jews above all, but they also disliked Gypsies, communists, Jehovah's Witnesses, homosexuals, and anyone who disagreed with them or got in their way.

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ghettos were the "rest stop" before concentration camps. they were there to collect the jews, gypsies, and the other groups that hitler disliked before sending them off to the concentration camps

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Why did the Nazi's think that gypsies posed a threat?

Many people were murdered, including gypsies, not because of the threat they were to Germany, but because they were considered to be less-desirable, immoral, dirty, impure, of bad influence, etc. Gypsies were/are criminal families that operated in most European countries, especially in the Balkans. They were greatly disliked or hated by most Europeans, especially the Germans. Gypsy children were raised by their parents to participate in their criminal activities, primarily theft.

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What happened with genocide during the holocaust?

The Holocaust was an event in which approximately 6 million Jews were killed, along with substantial numbers of other people whom the Nazis disliked (communists, homosexuals, gypsies, Jehovah's Witnesses, etc.).

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