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Q: Why were the jews blamed for the economic problems?
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People Hitler blamed for Germany's economic problems?

He mainly blamed the Jews.

Which group of people did Hitler blame for Germany's economic problems?

Hitler blamed the Jews for Germany's economic problems.

What are two things that historically the Germans blamed the Jews for?

economic problems and the death of jesus

Why did Hitler direct his anger towards intellectuals Communists and Jews?

He blamed them for Germany's economic problems and its defeat in WWI.

The Nazis blamed most of Germany's pre-World War 2 social and economic problems on Jews and the?


Who did the Nazi's blame for economic depression?

They blamed the jews.

Why were the Jews attacked during the Holocaust?

Hitler blamed all of Germany's economic woes on the Jews.

How did Adolf Hitler explain Germany's problems?

He just blamed the Jews as an explanation for Germany's problems. The Jews and the Bolsheviks.

Adolf Hitler blamed his country's financial problems on who?

On the Jews.

Who blamed the Jews for all of Germany's problems?

Adolf Hitler did.

Who blamed Jews and communists for the problems in Germany?

Adolf Hitler did.

What was the Jews blamed for?

The Jews were blamed for everything wrong in the world. Especially in Germany there were many Jew shops which gave German people no jobs so Hitler chose that moment to blame the Jews for germanys economic problems. Later it lead to more things like for not doing well in the war etc...

What was Hitler's reason for starting the Holocaust?

He blamed the Jews for all the problems

Who Blamed the country's problems on Jews communists and the Versailles Treaty?


What group of people did Hitler blame for Germany's problems?

He blamed the Jews!

Hitlers problems with Jews?

Hitler blamed the Jews for all the world problems. He successfully vilified the Jews giving the German people and enemy to rally against.

Why were Jews afraid of Nazis?

Because the Nazis blamed the world's problems on the Jews and so their goal was to kill all of the Jews.

Why were Jews selected by Hitler for genocide?

Because he hated Jews since he blamed them for all of Germany's problems.

Why was president Hoover blamed for the nations economic problems?

Hoover was blamed for the nation's economic problems because he thought that the best way to fix the economy was to let the economy fix it's self (do nothing).

Fascist leaders in the interwar years blamed Jews Poles and Chinese for?

Economic Depression

Who did the Nazis blame for the economic depression and the loss of world war 1?

They blamed the Jews.

Why did Hitler choose to discriminate against the Jews?

Hitler was an equal opportunity discriminator. Jews, Gypsies, Blacks, homosexuals, handicapped, and a whole long list. The Jews, in particular, he blamed for Germany's loss in WWI and the economic problems that followed. Hitler tortured Jews and experimented on them.

What was Hitlers idea of reasoning for the genocide of millions?

He blamed the lose in WWI on the Jews, and blamed them for the economic depression in the 1930's. (He said the Jews had taken all the good jobs in German.)

What group of people did Hitler blame for the problems in Germany during the depression?

He blamed the Jews for the problems in Germany.

During World War 2 what country blamed the Jews for their problems?