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In part because of a general anti war sentiment and in part as an anti draft protest.

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Q: Why were there protests and anti-war demonstrations during the Vietnam War?
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What group launched anti-Diem protests in South Vietnam during the summer of 1963 that included street demonstrations and hunger strikes?


Why were there antiwar protests during the Vietnam war?

Many young people in the u.s. Wants peace people who were against the war were conscientious objectors all of these people belived that the united states was wrong to fight in Vietnam

What happened during the antiwar protests at Kent state University?

national guardsmen shot and killed four students

What was the relationship between the American media and antiwar protest movements during the Vietnam War?

The American media contributed to the growth of antiwar movements by publishing stories describing the horrors of the fighting in Vietnam.

Protests in US during Vietnam War?

Too many to count.

What describes the relationship between antiwar protesters and the silent majority during the Vietnam War?

The silent majority disagreed with the antiwar protesters but rarely discussed their opinions publicly.

What was the subject of the majority of the demonstrations during the 60's?

The majority of the demonstrations during the 60s in the United States were about Vietnam War. The feeling of the time was that most Americans were against it.

How did the American public respond to the protests during the Vietnam War?

With riot control.AnswerThe question asked how the public responded, not how the government responded. The public was divided into hawks (those who supported the war) and doves (those who opposed the war).AnswerDue to the violent nature of some of the protests, there was a backlash in public sentiment that denounced the protesters. Essentially, it was felt that the protests "were 'acts of disloyalty' against our soldiers in Vietnam."Student Antiwar Protests and the Backlash

What group launched anti-Diem protests in South Vietnam during the summer of 1963?

Buddhist monks launched these protests.

What impacts did Vietnam have on America?

During the war it was (Draft) protests and (Draft) riots.

What protest went on during the Vietnam war?

Anti-War/Anti-Draft protests and riots. The "draft" fed the anti-war protests.

What is the setting in That was then this is now?

Place: Tulsa, Oklahoma Time: During Vietnam and the antiwar movement (1960's-1970's)

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