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Why were trenches used in World War 1?


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Trenches were used in world war1 for shelter and to outflank your opponents.

Trenches were formed on the eve of the invention of the machine gun. Mainly to shelter from a hail of bullets which can literally cut a man in two.they can also offer so much protection that they can prevent people from dieing to a degree


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They used shovels and picks to dig out the trenches.

When they used trenches why they...

it was used for digging trenches mainly.

they fought in the trenches ww1 was known as a war in the trenches

Front line trenchesFire stepsNo-Man's LandCommunications trenches.

The soldiers built the trenches.

Yes. During The American Civil War and the Crimean War.

No. Trenches were used in wars as far back as history is recorded. Trenches were used in the Revolutionary war in the US. Some of these trenches can still be seen at the scene of some battlefields such as Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and Yorktown Virginia.

Over 200,000 men died in the trenches of World War 1.

The soldiers themselves dug out the trenches.

they used their helmets and the flung the mess into no mans land.

that's all they used. Trench warfare man.

It was an attempt to keep their feet dry.

i think you meen "bullets". learn to spell

An early form of the periscope was used to see over the tops of the trenches.

They were used to dig trenches in WWI hence "trench warfare."

Trenches were built in World War 1 as a way to not lose any ground in a battle. It was also a protective barrier from gunfire.

who was the first ever people to start using trenches In 1914, not very long after the start of hostilities.

trenches, shooting at each other, really bad conditions in the trenches.

the trenches first started in 1914, the start of world war 1.

For sleeping and bomb coveragev. anwerd by: GUMMYVITES

i do not know, im actually looking to find out too!

Germany, France, and Russia. They are called the western and eastern front.

The use of trenches in World War I, made war last longer then it could've been. Trenches were a hard obstacle to overcome and required much time that's why war lasted longer.

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